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No. 1 — Ben Boss, HERITAGE, def. Colby Bindschatel, LAPEER, 10-2;

No. 2 — Luke Turner, HERITAGE, def. Gabrielle Malson, LAPEER, 10-5;

No. 3 — James Bukowski, LAPEER, def. Blake Herzog, HERITAGE, 10-8;

No. 4 — Mike Mertz, HERITAGE, def. Jacob Garcia, LAPEER, 10-5;


No. 1 — James Kennedy-John Jacoby, HERITAGE, def. Jacob Whitney-Carter Behnke, LAPEER 10-2;

No. 2 — Kyle Osentoski-Andrew Przekora, LAPEER, def. Akshanth Bandla-Josh Pasrashar, HERITAGE 11-9;

No. 3 — Andrew Arcay-Micha Fleming, HERITAGE, def. Griffin Fisher-Mason Fisher, LAPEER 10-5;

No. 4 — Thomas Tunison-Nathan Datsko, LAPEER, def. Adam Uremek-David Lowery, HERITAGE 10-6;

League Record: 2-1-1; Overall Record: 7-4-1 — L.P.

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