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Get in line to become a legal U.S. citizen

The Census should include a question about citizenship. And if people are not a legal citizen they should get in line like the rest of the world and do it right. A country has every right to determine who it lets into the country.

Delaney Hartel

Almont Township

Control the border

I’ll answer your ‘Tell us what you think’ question (Sunday, July 8 edition). President Trump is absolutely right to ask for people’s citizenship information. And if they can’t answer it that should be a red flag they’re not here legally. It’s time this country controls the border.

Ed McClelland

Hadley Township

Congrats on anniversary

Congratulations to the Lapeer Police Dept. on being 160 years old. Keep up the good work to keep us safe.

Brystol Koehn


Too many excuses

People would do anything in most parts of the world to vote to elect people to office, but here most people are too lazy, too stupid or just make excuses why they don’t vote. There’s no excuse not to vote. None.

Carol Aebel


Don’t complain later

I agree with the paper’s editorial in Sunday’s paper (July 8 edition). The August election and every election are important, and people have a civic responsibility to vote. If you don’t vote, don’t complain later because you had your chance.

Christine Wheeler

Imlay City

More accidents and crime

Six dispensaries in Lapeer for marijuana are way too many. I’m opposed to medical and recreational marijuana because it’s a harmful drug that will cause more accidents and lead to more crime in Lapeer.

Scott Wayland

Mayfield Township

Concerned about dispensaries

Thank you for the reporting on medical marijuana in Lapeer. Now we know where these places will be located, and I don’t like it. They’re too close and they’re going to cause more trouble than they’re worth.

Ashlee VanTiem

Lapeer Township

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