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The County Press welcomes your “Good News” story ideas as well as people and organizations doing good every day here in Lapeer County. Krystal Moralee has recently rejoined The County Press as a weekly columnist (see ‘Be the Change’ above) and will feature people who are making a difference every day to enhance the quality of life in our community. Your suggestions may become the subject of one of her upcoming columns or else become a feature story in the paper by Moralee or others on our editorial staff. Please email your suggestions to editor Jeff Hogan at jhogan@mihomepaper.com. He may also be reached by calling 810-452-2640.

Speaking of good news and people doing good things, Sarah Webster of Deerfield Township left a message at The County Press about kindness extended to her family Saturday afternoon while she was in Otter Lake at its ‘Let Freedom Ring’ festival. Her 11-year-old son Jacob, a special needs youth with physical disabilities tripped while walking along the street. He fell to the roadway and skinned his knees and elbows severe enough that they were bleeding. Nearby vendors and passersby who saw what happened ran to provide assistance. They brought paper towel and ice. In short order Jacob was on his feet again, smiling and laughing thanks to the generosity of those who came to his aid.

The County Press continues to get calls by readers who want to understand a November ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana. We will do further reporting closer to the election, but a Readers Digest version of the initiative goes like this. If the initiative were to pass, individuals would legally be allowed to carry up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana flower and fifteen grams of concentrate. There is no consensus on how many grams are used per joint, studies have estimated it is an average of about 0.5 grams. Using that measurement, the ballot initiative would allow an individual to have up to 140 joints. Since the initiative would not impact federal law, it would still be illegal to carry marijuana on any federal property as well as on the campuses of K-12 schools.

Ever since DTE Energy has come to Lapeer and partnered with the City of Lapeer to construct two solar array fields with 200,000 solar panels here in our community, The County Press has prioritized reporting about renewable energy. It’s a big issue to Lapeer County and the state of Michigan.

Michigan would see a dramatic boost to the economy by reaching a 30 percent renewable energy target by the year 2027. That’s according to a new study released by the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum — a group of conservative political and business leaders who support renewable energy because it lowers energy costs for everyone, creates jobs, and is better for public health.

The forum’s commissioned report says 30 percent renewable energy by the year 2027 would have an economic impact of $10.3 billion dollars, and create thousands of new jobs.

Most of the energy would be solar and wind.

On a lighter note, Lapeer County sports fans can now represent their favorite team on their license plate under legislation recently signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. It’s already an option to have your license plate denote your favorite Michigan university or college. Senate Bill 178 creates fundraising license plates for the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Lions.

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