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Ant-Man answers many Marvel Universe questions

Now I know it's probably some simple computer program, but I really enjoy watching small superheroes.

First there was small Steve

Rogers, then Deadpool and now Ant-Man. I know, I know, Ant-Man is small anyway, but I mean 2-foot tall Ant-Man. That scene just cracked me up. Ant-Man and The

Wasp starts with Scott

Lang (Paul Rudd) under house arrest for breaking the Sokovia Accords during

Captain America: Civil War. It is three days short of two years and he's ready to get on with his life.

Despite being on the run from the FBI, Hank

Pym (Michael Douglas) and Hope van Dyne

(Evangeline Lilly) have figured out how to enter and return from the quantum realm, where Janet van Dyne (Hank's wife) has been trapped since 1987. And, while they're testing it, Scott has a dream about her. Now they need Scott's help to be able to find, and bring her back.

Another storyline has an experiment of another of Pym's former partners, Elihas Starr, whom Pym discredited and booted from the scientific community, go bad, causing his and his wife's death, but leaving their daughter, Ava, unstable between quantum states.

Ant-Man and The

Wasp is a fun movie and works as a stand-alone movie.

The movie alsobrings the Ant-

Man storyline even with the rest of the


— Lee Morse

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