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LCS officials: Impressed by level of academic rigor students engaged

LAPEER — Administrators with Lapeer Community Schools have been hard at work focused on providing their students with opportunities beyond high school, and as the

Class of 2018 is set to walk out the doors of Lapeer High

School for the final time, LCS

Director of Communications Jared

Field reflected on the class’s accomplishments.

“Honestly, I think what is most striking about this class is the level of participation we’ve seen in advanced academics,” said Field. “I know for us, at the administrative level, it’s edifying to say the least to see so many of our seniors graduating with high-level academic experiences.”

Field shared a story of an interaction with a particularly achieving student. “I spoke with a young lady a couple weeks ago who earned 38 college credits during her time at LHS. That’s a number that was unheard of not too long ago,” he said. “When we merged the high schools, one of our goals was to be able to expand our academic offerings to levels we had never achieved.”

Field said that goal was accomplished, and now the aim is to push it even further. “We continue to raise the bar in large part because our students are not afraid to challenge themselves with rigor,” he said. Field said he encourages everyone in the Lapeer Community Schools district to visit their Facebook page to keep up-to-date. “(On Facebook), you can see what our students have achieved, the incredible opportunities they have earned and their ambitious dreams for the future,” he said.

Nicholas Pugliese

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