2018-05-16 / Police Beat

Police Beat

Police Beat is a compilation of reports from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept.

‘Suspicious’ men only had car trouble

HADLEY TWP. — A passerby on Hadley Road told deputies May 13 that they saw a group of young guys wearing hoodies walking near Stewart and Hadley roads. Deputies found their car had broken down.

Residents get into fight at foster home

OREGON TWP. — Staff at an adult foster care home on Reamer Road told deputies May 13 that two residents got in a fight.

Prisoner picked up

PONTIAC — Deputies went to the Oakland County Jail May 13 to pick up a 31-year-old man sought on a failure to appear warrant for an earlier burglary charge. He was taken to the Lapeer County Jail.

Rollover reported on Lake Pleasant Road

NORTH BRANCH TWP. — The driver of a Ford Excursion told deputies May 13 that they rolled their SUV on Lake Pleasant Road. They said they were unhurt, but couldn’t get out. The driver freed himself before deputies arrived.

Vehicles collide on Bowers Road

ATTICA TWP. – The drivers of a Chevrolet Tahoe and a Buick LaCrosse told deputies May 13 that they collided on Bowers Road, but no one was injured.

Medication taken from Attica Twp. house

ATTICA TWP. — A Belle River Road woman told deputies May 13 that thieves took 70 of her Adderall tablets while she was at work.

Sick skunk reported

DEERFIELD TWP. — A Windward resident told deputies May 13 that a sick skunk was in their backyard and they wanted it put down. The animal wandered off before deputies arrived.

Resident complains of shooting after pit hours

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Roods Lake Road resident told deputies May 13 that someone was shooting at the pit after hours. Deputies found no one.

Four horses on the run

GOODLAND TWP. — A North Van Dyke Road resident told deputies May 13 that four horses were running north along M-53. Deputies found nothing.

Domestic violence between father and son

DEERFIELD TWP. — Deputies arrested a man for domestic violence after he reportedly knocked his father down at the older man’s Burnside Road home, breaking a chair in the process. The son reportedly registered a blood alcohol content of .16 after being taken to the Lapeer County Jail.

Driver puts truck into swamp along Pratt Road

HADLEY TWP. — A man told deputies May 12 that he put his truck in a swamp along Pratt Road and couldn’t get out. Deputies found 15-foot of guardrail had been taken out. The Lapeer County Road Commission was notified.

Abandoned Jeep

ATTICA TWP. — Deputies found a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee abandoned along South Summers Road May 12. After failing to contact the owner, deputies had it impounded.

Man jailed after choking girlfriend at campground

DEERFIELD TWP. — Deputies arrested a man for domestic violence and interfering with an electronic device May 12 after his girlfriend told deputies he choked her during an argument at the trailer they share in Sutter Campground off Tozer Road. He was taken to the Lapeer County Jail.

Camper unit stolen from Hadley horse camp

HADLEY TWP. — The owner of a pop-up camper told deputies May 12 that thieves cut the locks to the gates at the horse camp on Fox Lake Road and made off with the camper.

Suspicious truck

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Keeran Drive woman told deputies May 11 that she came home to find a truck with its lights on parked between her house and her neighbor’s place. She said it left as she pulled in her driveway.

Threatening texts received by Mayfield man

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Sherwood Lane man told deputies May 11 that he got several threatening texts from a number he doesn’t recognize. Deputies told him to block it.

Parents get in spat over teenage girls on phone

MAYFIELD TWP. — A West Sawdust Corners parent told deputies May 11 that another parent got on the phone while some teenage girls were not being nice during a chat group, yelled at them and made some threats. The offended parent said they overreacted and apologized.

Marijuana plants seized from locked basement

OREGON TWP. — Deputies searched a Michael Drive home May 11 and seized marijuana and paraphernalia after they determined the 63-year-old homeowner had marijuana cards authorizing 48 plants and she reportedly had 111 in her locked basement. Deputies filed a report with the Lapeer County Prosecutor’s Office.

Yard vandalized

OREGON TWP. — A Pero Lake Road resident told deputies May 12 that their yard was torn up and a street sign was missing.

‘Friend’ still hasn’t returned son’s Jeep

LAPEER TWP. — A Harbour Court woman told deputies May 11 that a friend of her son who is in jail told her that her son had said he could use his 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee a week ago and she hasn’t seen the Oxford man or the Jeep since.

Two vehicle burglarized in Mayfield Township

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Lincolnshire Drive man told deputies May 10 that thieves went through his two vehicles. He said papers were all over, but nothing seemed missing.

Howling dog freed

ATTICA TWP. — A Peppermill Road resident said a neighbor’s dog was howling and they thought it might be injured. Deputies found the dog had wrapped its chain around a tree. The owner took it inside.

Fishtailed into I-69 median

ELBA TWP. — The driver of a heavy duty van on eastbound I-69 told deputies May 10 that they lost control of their trailer carrying a truck and fishtailed into the median.

Lawn damaged by vehicle making turn

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Farnsworth Road man told deputies May 10 that the driver of a large Ford truck, pulling a trailer loaded with trusses, tore up his lawn while trying to turn around in his driveway. He said it’s an ongoing problem.

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