2018-04-15 / Opinion

Tax reform worked in Michigan – now it’s working everywhere

KEVIN DALEY KEVIN DALEY Editor’s note: The following guest column was submitted by former State Rep. Kevin Daley, R-Arcadia Twp. Daley served three terms as a legislator, including two as the chair of the House Agriculture Committee. He represented Lapeer County in the State House of Representatives from 2009-2014. He is also currently a candidate for the 31st District State Senate seat, covering Bay, Lapeer and Tuscola counties. T here is always that one day that seems to put a damper on the arrival of spring – “Tax Day.” But this year Tax Day is a little less of a burden thanks to President Trump and tax reform.

From bigger paychecks to work bonuses, to new investments and more hiring — there’s no doubt about it — tax reform is working all across our country. But how did they know it would be such a success? Because it’s worked before right here in Michigan.

When I first came into office in January of 2009, our state’s budget and economy were a mess. Unemployment was over 15 percent, people were leaving in droves, and Jennifer Granholm and the Democrats had raised taxes and blown through our budget. We were in a tough spot. But thanks to Republican leadership and conservative tax reform, we turned our state around.

In early 2011, we in the state legislature set out to rebuild our economy through our own tax reform plan right here in Michigan. As state representative, I worked together to propose legislation to eliminate the job-killing Michigan Business Tax. We eliminated it, and we didn’t stop there. We also reformed the personal property tax, increased the personal tax exemption, and cut massive amounts of government red tape that had hindered economic growth. We knew that cutting taxes and fighting for more economic freedom would help our state grow, and Michigan soon became known as the “comeback state.”

Michigan has since created more than 540,000 new private sector jobs. Unemployment is below 5 percent, its lowest point in 17 years. Michigan ranks number one in job growth in the Great Lakes region. It ranks number one in the country in new manufacturing jobs. The $1.5 billion deficit that we inherited has been eliminated, and we started the tradition of passing a balanced budget on time and ahead of time.

It’s no surprise that President Trump and those in Washington have taken notice of what’s happened in tax-reform states like ours. And thanks to their leadership, we are now keeping more of our hard-earned dollars every day. I am thankful to our leaders such as Congressman Paul Mitchell, President Trump, and others in Congress for helping to get our country back to work again. And I’m proud to have played a part in passing tax reform for Michiganders first and in laying the foundation for the Michigan comeback.

Tax reform worked in Michigan. Now it’s work- ing nationally. And it’s easier to say have a happy Tax Day and a happy spring!

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