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Businesses, community making Progress

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Progress as the “process of improving or developing something over a period of time.”

A word that signifies positive, forward momentum Progress is the name with which we’ve branded our annual celebration of business achievement published in today’s edition of your hometown newspaper. We like to use Progress as a verb in this keepsake edition. In addition to stories about businesses that employ local residents and support their hometown communities, cover stories on each of the Progress section fronts today demonstrate the Progress being made in areas of agriculture, community, education, sports and among young entrepreneurs.

The main objective of Progress is, however, to showcase the diverse talent and scope of services and products offered by local businesses in our communities. It’s a pleasure to write about the people who own and operate the businesses, as well as the thousands of employees who are the backbone of their business and are instrumental to their success.

In the world of business, no matter what it is, word of mouth is key to success. The businesses featured in Progress today know that customer service and satisfaction is priority No. 1, and that a happy customer will gladly share their positive experience with friends and family. It’s a pleasure of County Press staff to know most of the advertisers and business owners and employees featured in today’s paper by name. We shop or dine in their businesses, we buy tires, batteries and vehicles from them, we furnish our homes and business with their appliances and we call them friends.

We know you too maintain the same one-on-one relationships with the managers and employees of the businesses you frequent and support. A successful businesses is one where a relationship of trust is established between customer and business, achieved through delivery of outstanding products and service at a fair competitive price.

Equally exciting as the diversity in the local business sector is the energy and passion shared throughout Lapeer County by people within agriculture, local schools, and the arts and culture scene, Lapeer District Library and the Lapeer Downtown Development Authority. Their stories are the topic of cover stories on the Progress sections.

In Agriculture we tell the story of the continued importance of the diverse ag-business community to the bottom line of Lapeer County’s economy. In addition to corn, soybeans and wheat a growing number of farmers are introducing more organic products as well as other crops to include dry beans and non-traditional livestock to meet the demand of consumers who seek healthier alternatives.

We also take a deeper dive in Agriculture to examine the introduction of medical marijuana businesses to Almont and Lapeer and their potential impact to the community.

In Education, The County Press examines the level of progress made by local school districts to achieve greater security on their campuses as it relates to digital safety and building enhancements to protect against the threat of active shooter incidents.

With limited financial resources, school and local law enforcement agencies are working closer than ever to achieve improved safety. Their stories today illustrate the laser focus of officials to institute changes in order to ensure student and staff safety.

In Community, we focus on the wide range of activities and programs area residents and visitors have here in Lapeer County to entertain themselves and enhance the quality of their lives. Whether it’s getting out to a local park for some fresh air and exercise, or enjoying the performing arts in downtown Lapeer there’s plenty to do and see throughout the year.

Readers today will also get the latest on plans by Lapeer District Library to run a millage election in August to finance the construction of a new main library to replace the aging Marguerite deAngeli, while also learn more about the activities and programs planned by the Lapeer DDA to bring new and exciting events to downtown Lapeer.

Today we celebrate the Progress being made across our community on all fronts and look forward to telling those stories throughout the rest of the year.

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