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Continued caution urged for ice fishing

LAPEER COUNTY ­— Ice anglers need to be careful, especially with all the snow that has fallen and more to come by the weekend. Deep snow will cover pre-existing holes, pressure cracks and other areas that can be dangerous.

Overall: Fishing on the inland
lakes was slow. Most panfish were taken on wax
worms and spikes. Many
were out pike fishing.
Lake Erie: Anglers were taking
some perch in the Metro
Park Marina.
Huron River: Was producing a
couple steelhead.
Detroit River: Anglers were
getting some perch in Airport
Bay. Those fishing the marinas were getting bluegills
and perch.
St. Clair River: Had some shelf
ice coming down from Port
Saginaw Bay: Those that want
to go out are doing so at
their own risk! Anglers are
warned to stay away from
the pressure cracks and do
not try to cross them. There
is a bad pressure crack
about 1 to 1 ½ miles offshore that runs from White’s
Beach all the way down
to Newberg Road south of
Pinconning. The crack was
about 20 feet wide. There is
another crack that crossed
the bay just north of the
Black Hole and anglers
should avoid that area.
Extreme caution needs to be
used. You might not see a
pressure crack until you are
on top of it and by then it is
too late. On the east side,
there was bad ice from Rose
Island Road north to Geiger
Road due to currents in the
area. Anglers have fallen
through in this area. Bad ice
was reported in Wildfowl Bay
off Beadle Bay Marina. The
ice blew out at the Caseville
Pier. Fishing was spotty just
about everywhere and perch
fishing near shore normally
starts to wind down this
time of year.
Saginaw River: Ice conditions
were extremely variable. One
angler went through the ice
down near Crow Island. Ice
thickness was as thin as 1

or 2 inches in some spots.
Fishing was spotty at best.
Tittabawassee River: Was
unfishable due to shore ice
and floating ice.

Overall: Fishing continues on
the inland lakes. Use caution when venturing out as
deep snow will limit your
ability so see pressure
cracks and spearing holes.
Anglers have caught pike,
bluegills, perch, crappie and
even some bass which must
be released immediately.
Grand River at Grand Rapids:
Anglers were still taking the
occasional walleye or steelhead below the 6th Street
Dam. The Rogue River has
frozen over so anglers will
have to wait until the next
Grand River at Lansing: Had
no reports. Due to an ice
jam, water levels were elevated near Portland. Anglers
need to use caution in this
Lake Lansing: Channel catfish
have been caught on tip-ups
with minnows in the deep
holes. Panfish have also
been caught.
Reeds Lake: Continues to produce a good number of pike
for those using tip-ups or
Mona Lake: Had good perch
fishing near the Henry Street
Bridge and next to the channel. Muskegon Lake: Already has
a good four to six inches of
snow and more is coming
by the weekend. The deeper snow makes travel a bit
more difficult. Yellow perch
have been caught along the
drop-offs on the west end
or between the black buoy
and the Bear Lake channel.
Perch were also caught in
the northeast corner off
Second Street in 30 to 40
feet. Walleye were caught in
20 to 25 feet. Pike anglers
have done very well off
Heritage Landing and out
from Hartshorn Marina.
White Lake: Had good perch
fishing on the north end in
30 to 50 feet.

Black Lake: Anglers need to
be cautious near the river
mouths, any pressure cracks

and old spearing holes especially after the lake sturgeon season last Saturday.
Fishing slowed. Walleye
anglers jigging minnows in
15 to 20 feet had little luck.
Those that were caught
ranged 18 to 21 inches. A
few pike up to 36 inches
were caught in 15 feet.
Higgins Lake: Those spearing
pike have done well including one fish that was 46
inches. Lake trout anglers
are using trout minnows
in 80 to 100 feet or deeper. Some nice perch were
caught in 15 to 50 feet
around the Main Island but
anglers need to keep moving
around to find them. Smelt
were caught in 30 to 50 feet
off the North State Park, Big
Creek, the west launch and
to the south of it. A few rainbow trout were taken on wigglers in a foot of water near
the Conference Center.
Houghton Lake: Anglers still
need to stay clear of a large
pressure crack in the East
Bay which runs from the
canal on the west side of
the East Bay and shoots
northeast. Anglers can fish
inside the East Bay but do
not try to cross over into the
main body of the lake as the
pressure crack had opened
up and could be hard to see
especially with the snow
cover. There is also a pressure crack at the entrance
to the North Bay so use
caution. The bite has been
up and down depending on
the weather. Pike are still
being caught. More walleye
were still caught after 4pm
and were hitting on jigging
spoons or rapalas tipped
with blues. Orange and glow
were still the hot colors. If
the walleye and bluegills are
not hitting on minnows, try
Tawas: Some lake trout and
walleye were caught around
the artificial reef in northern
Tawas Bay. Some perch
were caught in 15 to 20
feet in the same area. This
was the only area where we
didn’t get reports of bad
pressure cracks, but that
doesn’t mean there aren’t
any out there. Caution needs
to be used.

Lake Leelanau: Walleye have

been caught in both lakes.
Perch fishing was better
in the south lake where
anglers were fishing in 20 to
30 feet. The north lake was
producing some lake trout in
80 to 100 feet. Some smelt
were taken along the north
Green Lake: Anglers were getting some perch in about
45 feet. Those targeting
pike have done well with a
fair number of fish taken off
the State Park. Some smelt
were caught in 40 to 50
Long Lake: In Grand Traverse
County was producing some
walleye and perch.
Portage Lake: Ice fishing continues with anglers taking
perch and lake herring. The
perch were found in 25 to
30 feet especially on the
east end. Walleye and pike
have also been caught.
Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell:
Ice fishing continues. The
bite slowed a bit but anglers
were still getting a few walleye along with bluegills,
crappie and a few perch.
Those spearing or using tipups continue to take pike.

Keweenaw Bay: Ice in the Bay
was building on a daily basis
and anglers were venturing
further out. Smelt fishing
after dark was good. Lake
trout fishing was fair off
Sand Point and the Whirl-igig. The whitefish action was
fair but the Coho, splake
and brown trout bite was
Little Bay De Noc: Snow
storms made travel on the
Bay a little more difficult
with many getting stuck.
Anglers need to be aware
of a large pressure crack
out from the Terrace Bay
Inn which has been moving
some as the weight of the
snow increases. Overall fishing slowed some. Walleye
anglers reported fair catches
in the Kipling flats and north
to the Vagabond Resort
when jigging rapalas with
minnows in 27 to 35 feet,
out from the Terrace Bay
Inn in 35 feet and near the
Escanaba River in 25 to 30
feet. A few anglers were
fishing out by the Ford River
but no reports have come
in. Perch catches were slow.
Anglers are catching some

nice jumbo perch but fewer
fish total. Best spots were
the Kipling flats in 27 to
35 feet, Gladstone Beach
area in 30 feet and good
numbers of smaller fish in
the Escanaba Yacht Harbor
when using minnows or wigglers with halo’s. Whitefish
anglers reported fair catches
in Escanaba off Sand Point
with spawn or minnows in
the deep water drop-off.
Bigger fish were caught in
35 feet in the Gladstone
area. A lot of pike continue
to be caught throughout the
Bay but most were undersize. Munising: Ice was holding in
the bay but the ice beyond
Grand Island was not safe
and Trout Bay was not safe
as northwest winds shifted a
majority of the ice. There is
a large pressure crack near
Rock 67 by Grand Island.
Those on snowmobiles
should not cross the lake
as it is not safe. Several
sleds went through the ice
near Grand Island. Fishing
has varied as some anglers
report decent catches of
whitefish up to 15 inches
and others reported poor
catch rates. The splake
action was fair but the
most fish were undersize.
Most were using Swedish
pimples and assorted jigs,
mousies, spawn, cut bait
or fathead minnows. Some
have caught the occasional
young rainbow trout or brown
trout. Some smelt along with
young Coho were caught
off Sand Point. Lake trout
anglers fishing the west
channel reported slow catch
Cedarville and Hessel: Those
fishing around the Les
Cheneaux Islands reported
slower fishing. Anglers were
seeing lots of smelt, perch
and splake with little to no
harvest. Some perch about
eight inches were caught
on minnows, wax worms
wigglers, spikes or artificial
soft baits in 10 to 15 feet.
Splake were seen in 15 to
20 feet but no word on fish
being caught. Anglers need
to use extreme caution near
any pressure cracks, moving
ice and in areas where there
is a current.

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