2018-01-21 / Insight

High School Bowling Teams

• Almont
• Capac
• Dryden
• Imlay City
• LakeVille
• Lapeer
• North Branch

Why I bowl:

Kailin Norman Senior, Dryden

“I am one of five seniors on the team. I joined bowling for a pretty un-inspirational reason. I had played basketball all through Junior High and then when I got to freshman year of high school, I didn’t want to play anymore. So I needed an excuse out of it, so the bowling coach pulled me out of the hall one day and asked if I wanted to bowl. Guess I had just found my excuse out of basketball! No inspirational story about how I have been bowling since I was five and couldn’t give it up. It was just pure luck that I joined.

“Bowling has been one of the greatest challenges in my life. I really struggle with the lows that come with the sport. But I have met some pretty incredible people along the way. That is the greatest thing about the sport to me, the people who play it. I love my team and I love the people I have met along the way. It is a lot more easy to befriend someone when you see them at tournaments and meets all the time and you can just sit and talk with them than it is in my other sport, soccer, where we are running around pushing each other for a whole game. Bowling really is like no other sport and I like that about it.”

Brooklyn Withey Lapeer grad

Withey is a former four-year Lapeer bowler, who also played volleyball and softball. She graduated in 2017.

“My brother and I started bowling for fun when we were little,” said Withey. “After watching him bowl in high school for four years, I realized I wanted to bowl, too. I really loved the competitiveness and intensity of the meets. I’m glad I decided to bowl because it was a great experience and I met a lot of amazing people.”

Stephanie Slater Sophomore, Lapeer

“I chose to bowl on the high school team because I want to earn scholarships for college and hopefully, bowl for whatever college I go to.”

“I’ve been bowling for six years and I’ve been on the high school team for two. This team is amazing, they’re very nice to bowl with. We always make each other laugh. Coach Kevin is an awesome coach. When we would be upset about what score we got, he would try to sing one of our favorite songs. That always made us laugh.”

“Bowling on the high school team is always a blast. The boys’ team always cheers us on when we are at a meet and we do the same for them.”

Jillian Roush Sophomore, Lapeer

“I started bowling four years ago, and I immediately fell in love with it. Once I realized Lapeer had a bowling team, I couldn’t wait to join. Some of the people I knew were on it as well, which makes it really fun, and I get to meet new people all the time. It’s just a great program to be in.”

Lexi Felton Lapeer grad

“I joined the high school bowling team because it was always something my family did for fun. But the only reason I kept bowling with the high school team is because how fast the people on the team became a second family to me. I think that’s why I really chose to bowl.”

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