2018-01-14 / Insight


Hustling a side job can help bring financial security

It’s a frightening statistic that nearly half of U.S. adults don’t have the cash on hand to pay for a $400 emergency. That’s what the Federal Reserve Board discovered when it surveyed a wide range of working Americans. Furthermore, according to a Pew study, more than 50 percent of households say they don’t have enough savings on hand to cover a full month of expenses.

Many people, however, are taking steps to improve their financial picture by working a side hustle. A side hustle is a gig that allows you to make money in addition to your primary job.

In today’s INSIGHT, we tell the story of two individuals who have interesting side hustles. If you or someone you know has a side hustle you think would make for a good story contact County Press Editor Jeff Hogan at jhogan@mihomepaper.com or call 810-452-2640. It might result in a story in a future edition of this newspaper.

Popular side hustles today include waiting tables, bartending, dog walking, retail, telemarketing, selling products online, and consulting, but in reality, a side hustle can be pretty much anything a person wants it to be.

In fact, if someone has a particular talent or hobby that could help them start earning money, it pays to keep working at it. You never know what good ideas might take off, and if you’re like the typical American, you can no doubt use the extra cash.

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