2017-12-06 / Police Beat

Police Beat

Police Beat is a compilation of reports from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept.

Alcohol arrest

LAPEER TWP. — Deputies arrested an unidentified motorist for drunken driving Dec. 3 following a traffic stop on Imlay City Road.

Ditched truck

RICH TWP. — A North Lapeer Road man told deputies Dec. 3 that a man came to his door saying he’d put his truck in the ditch and hit a culvert. The driver told deputies he swerved to avoid a stopped garbage truck and lost control.

Vehicle/deer collisions

ATTICA TWP. — A motorist told deputies Dec. 3 that he hit a deer on eastbound I-69 with his personal vehicle.

• A 56-year-old man told deputies Dec. 2 that a deer ran into the side of his vehicle while he was driving on Marlette Road in Clifford.

• The driver of a Nissan told deputies Dec. 1 that they hit a deer on Marlette Road in Burlington Township.

• The driver of a Dodge Caravan told deputies Nov. 30 that his van was not drivable after hitting a deer on West Hunters Creek Road in Lapeer Township.

• The driver of a 2015 Jeep told deputies Nov. 30 that he hit a deer on Millville Road in Oregon Township. He said he didn’t know where the deer was, but his Jeep could not be driven.

• The driver of a 2010 Ford F-150 told deputies Nov. 30 that he hit a deer on Gravel Creek Road in Deerfield Township.

Trashed driveway

ELBA TWP. — A South Bassett Road resident told deputies Dec. 3 that a nearby driveway was full of trash and garbage, some of which had a Warren man’s name on it. Deputies were unable to contact him.

Vehicle crash

SANDUSKY — A couple told deputies Dec. 3 that that their 17-year-old son had been in an accident on Cargill Road in Burlington Township and they were with him at the emergency room.

Shooting complaint

MAYFIELD TWP. — Two people told deputies Dec. 3 that people were shooting at The Pit at 5:04 p.m. Deputies found some shooters packing up to leave at 5:24 p.m.

Domestic incidents

ATTICA TWP. — Deputies were sent for an Attica Road residence Dec. 3 following reports of a domestic incident.

• A Delia Street man in Mayfield Township told deputies Dec. 3 that that he wanted them to remove his 20-year-old daughter from his house. Since the woman pays rent, deputies explained the eviction process to the man, who was unhappy they wouldn’t do more. The woman told deputies her father had been grilling fish outdoors and he became angry when she asked him to close the door because she was cold.

Threats made

OTTER LAKE — A Genesee Street man told deputies Dec. 3 that four people, who are part of a Flint motorcycle gang were threatening him and not allowing him to go in his home. He said they left saying if he was still there when they got back, they would harm him. Deputies stayed long enough for the man to collect some belongings and leave with his mother.

Man assaulted

DEERFIELD TWP. — A Fish Lake Road woman told deputies Dec. 2 that several very drunk people showed up at her home, assaulted her husband and left in a car with a big dog. She didn’t want to pursue the assault.

Suspicious truck

MAYFIELD TWP. — Deputies found a GMC Sierra pickup at The Pit on Roods Lake Road at 6:21 a.m. Dec. 3. It turned out to be a volunteer range cleaner stopping by on his way to work.

Rental burglarized

MARATHON TWP. — A Virginia Drive man told deputies Dec. 2 that his Marathon Road rental home was burglarized.

Roadside fight

HADLEY TWP. — A passerby told deputies Dec. 2 that two boys, about 16 were fighting on the side of Diehl Road. Deputies found a 16-year-old and 14-year-old twins. The older boy told deputies the younger ones were arguing in his car and he stopped and told them to get out. The boys told deputies they had just been arguing. No arrests were made.

Car hit at home

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Suncrest Court man told deputies Dec. 2 that he left his 2002 Dodge Stratus at his cousin’s Westbrook home and his cousin backed into it with his truck.

Dead dog reported

MAYFIELD TWP. — A passerby told deputies Dec. 2 that there was an injured dog lying in Daley Road. Deputies reported it was dead when they arrived.

Woman arrested

ELBA TWP. — Following a domestic incident report at a Davison Road residence Dec. 2, deputies arrested a 30-year-old woman after they discovered she was being sought on a criminal bench warrant. She was taken to the Lapeer County Jail.

Crazy ex-boyfriend

ELBA TWP. — A Rensselear Drive woman told deputies Dec. 2 that she went out with a 43-yearold man a couple of times and broke it off when he went crazy. She told deputies the man has been sending threatening messages to her ex- and showing up at her workplace.

Man arrested

ATTICA TWP. — An Attica Road man told deputies Dec. 1 that his stepson was banging on the doors and windows and they wanted him gone for the night. Deputies found the stepson was wanted in Sandusky County on a failure to appear warrant for an earlier charge of family strong arm offense. He was taken to the Lapeer County Jail.

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