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Ticket bad dogs • Review chase protocall • Lapeer Center needs makeover

No dogs, just drive!

Absolutely I would be in favor of making it an offense worth a ticket from a cop if someone is spotted driving with their dog (or dogs as I’ve seen) on their laps. To me this is just a dangerous as texting or driving while eating.

Here’s an idea, people! Just drive. Do nothing else but drive.

Ashton McMann

Hadley Township

Write some tickets

Your Tell us What You Think feature (Sunday, Dec. 3 edition of The County Press) asked about driving with dogs on people’s laps. This is crazy stupid, and I see it a lot. Of course it’s a distraction with a dog bopping about. I say pass the bill and write some tickets.

Lowell Patterson

Oxford Township

‘Could’ve been prevented’

It’s not “Monday morning quarterbacking” to wonder why the sheriff’s department didn’t block the guy on I-69 when they had three police vehicles. They had the guy who went on to kill an Oakland County deputy. It breaks my heart because it seems this tragedy could’ve been prevented.

Alexandria Weyer

Mayfield Township

Review chase policy

Now there’s been a second fatality as the result from a chase with the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept. At the very least, there needs to be an immediate review of policy and maybe suspend chases until there’s a more clear procedure. The guys in Marathon Township should not have run from the police. That’s what killed the one guy, not the chase, but there still needs to be a review.

Gayle McLarty

Mayfield Township

‘Never do police chases

You’re right there’s never a routine day for police officers, but I think your editorial (Sunday, Dec. 3 edition) should have been stronger. It would seem there’s a real learning moment about police chases — never do them. Too many innocent people are killed during police chases.

Ashley Barron


Don’t be hard on cops

The police search for the missing woman last Thursday in Marathon Township is another example of the good work our police officers and first responders do every day. I don’t think you should come down too hard on the cops for the chase. They did what they thought was best.

Irene Emmers

Oregon Township

Love the Lapeer Center

I would love to see the Lapeer Center get a makeover it deserves. I’ve been there so many times, and have taken it for granted. We should never take for granted something that needs our support too.

Kaye Bedford

Mayfield Township

‘Thanks’ for help

Thank you to the nice man who helped me load my vehicle at Walmart. My back gave out Saturday and a nice man helped me load my groceries into my car.

Hillary Jacobs

Lapeer Township

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