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VA is a huge problem • Roads still a mess • Drug addiction a problem

Editor’s note: The following three comments are in response to a “Tell us what you think” question about whether the government does enough to help veterans published in the Wednesday, Nov. 8 issue of The County Press.

Think twice about military

Hell no the Veterans Affairs Office doesn’t do enough for the veterans. I’ve been waiting for at least two years on a claim to get more insurance compensation.

Young people, think twice before joining the military because the government doesn’t have your back, no matter what happy talk they put out there.

Wayne Callis

Marathon Township

National VA a ‘disgrace’

The local office of Veterans Affairs is good, but the national office is absolutely awful. It’s a disgrace how they treat veterans like my dad who keeps getting the runaround to get some issues resolved about his retirement.

Tara McGregor

Imlay Township

Privatize the VA

They should privatize the VA because what they’re doing now is not working. It’s got to be the worst-run government agency. They’ve been nothing but trouble for my family. Trying to get answers from their Washington office is useless.

Robert Collins


Background checks necessary

The issue should be gun safety, which requires legislative action to ban assault rifles and bump stocks, and also to mandate universal background checks for gun purchases. How can any responsible gun owner object to these ideas?

Susan Beal


Thanks for nothing!

So sick of it. Everybody complains how crappy Lapeer streets are, but yet the people turn down a millage. People are so cheap, and now we’ll have to live with the lousy roads. Thanks for nothing people!

Sheila Donovan


‘No new tax’ people win!

What is it going to take for Lapeer to fix the streets that are getting worse every year? The irresponsible “no new tax” Republicans have won again, but again the people ducked their responsibility to pay for critical infrastructure like roads and sidewalks.

I guess it doesn’t matter; soon some streets will revert back to total gravel but I guess that’s okay with those who again voted down the road millage on Tuesday.

Carol Parrish


No drug problem?

To the doubters who don’t think there’s a drug problem here, pick up Wednesday’s County Press. My heart breaks for the family and friends who lost their loved ones to drug addiction.

Joann Wilson

Elba Township

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