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Women’s deaths a wake-up call

The death of two women — a mother and daughter from Lapeer — should be a wake-up call to those who live in denial that we don’t have a drug problem in Lapeer County. Their tragic deaths should shock and sadden everyone in the community.

My son has been in and out of rehab for three years to try to free him from heroin, and yet he still finds himself back using. The doctors tell me the addiction affects the brain and body to such an extent that it is extremely hard for some people to break free because of how it affects the whole system. But people have to get help or more will die.

This week’s deaths should be an opportunity for families to talk about drugs and to make sure everyone in the household is aware of what they can do to a person. Two people are dead because of this horrible drug problem that the women found themselves in.

It was hard for me to read the article (in Wednesday’s edition of The County Press) because I know it could have just as easy been my son who died from an overdose. I hope and pray people will not dismiss the drug problem, and will not dismiss their loved ones if they admit they have a drug addiction problem.

Society needs empathy for those who are addicted. It’s bad enough the situation drug users find themselves in, so the last thing they need is people turning their backs on them in their greatest time of need.

Mary Ellen Oliver

Elba Township

‘Out of the shadows’

Medical marijuana is helpful to many, many people and it please me a great deal that the City of Lapeer is allowing businesses to operate in the city. It’s time to bring medical marijuana out of the shadows in Lapeer County. People don’t need to hide from the issue.

The law states Michigan residents with a doctor’s statement are able to purchase and use medical marijuana, and it’s about time we have a retail location in Lapeer County where patients can get their marijuana. The law was passed in 2008, and still in 2017 we have no facility in the county? This is just ridiculous.

Thank you Lapeer officials for working to make medical marijuana happen.

Kendra Schoenherr

Mayfield Township

Just say ‘No’ to turbines

I have attended many Lapeer County and township meetings and I have come to the conclusion that our local township boards and planning commissions do not have the proper education and experience to deal with writing enforceable wind turbine ordinances.

All I hear from them is that they do not want to be sued by energy companies and end up being bankrupt from litigation. There are many lawyers within the state that will take this issue on, free of charge and as in North Branch they do not have to pay an outside company “ROWE” to investigate and research how to write wind turbine ordinances. They should not let land owners and neighbors fight it out in court. At the North Branch Planning Commission one gentleman asked why we could not have a total ban on construction of wind turbines within Lapeer County.

As Nancy Reagan once said, “Just say no to drugs” we also can say “Just say no to wind mills.” How would we do it? The solution is simple! The Lapeer County Board of Commissioners have the authority, through the leadership of chairmen Gary Roy, to appoint county officials to establish a wind turbine board. They also have the authority to either adopt or reject local township ordinances. I would encourage the wind turbine opponents to attend one of the Lapeer County Board of Commissioners meetings and ask them to place at least a one-year moratorium of wind turbine developments within the County of Lapeer. The commissioners have the authority to place a moratorium. Let’s see if they really want to protect the landowners of Lapeer County from big money developers and DTE. Speak up and out before you have a 500-foot windmill in your back yard.

Gary L. Cooley

North Branch

A mini ice age on horizon

A bit of welcome news for the good people of Lapeer. DTE recently installed acres of solar panels near I-69. There are serious negotiations occurring regarding wind turbines to the north. This combination will help reduce global warming tremendously.

By capturing massive amounts of solar energy, the sun will have less output, therefore less heat reaching earth. The wind turbines will provide gentle cooling breezes across the land.

I can foresee a mini ice age in five to 10 years. Smile!

Wayne Hodges


More guns, not less is the answer to gun violence

The church shooting in Texas last week is a perfect illustration why it’s good citizens should be allowed to possess guns. I hear there’s a law moving through the state Legislature that will allow citizens to conceal carry guns into school, churches and stadiums.

This is a great idea, because should some madman start shooting up the place he or she can be taken out by someone in the establishment who has a gun. Had someone in the church in Texas had a handgun on their person maybe the shooter would have been killed before he killed all 26 people.

The answer to gun violence isn’t less guns, but rather more. If more people are packing the odds are there will be less mass shootings provided they can take the shooter out with a clean shot.

Carson Davison

Forest Township

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