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Guns not the problem •

‘Yes’ to alternative energy • No to wind turbines

Focus on the root problem

I’ve been reading all the letters and sound off comments. Why does every “crazed shooter” issue become a sales pitch for gun control?

Why not focus on the root problem, like the mental illness, instability, and lunacy of the shooter? Every time the media focuses on those crying for more control. Stop trying to limit responsible peoples’ rights and focus on something deeper. Maybe then the problem will be better solved!

Kareyna Miller

Marathon Township

Democrats support NRA too!

I’m puzzled, when did the NRA become a Republican-only membership?

I think if you canvassed a large number of hunters and gun club members, you would find a lot of Democrats who are NRA members or are sympathetic to NRA gun policies.

I suspect that is one of the reasons more restrictive gun control never gets much traction.

Bruce Smith

Lapeer Township

Not necessarily about guns

I feel horrible about what happened in Las Vegas, but the real issue is with unstable people and not necessarily the guns. There does need to be a conversation in this country, but it should automatically go to more gun control.

Elden Howard

Addison Township

Blowing in the wind

It doesn’t surprise me that DTE Energy is considering wind turbines in Lapeer County. I knew it was just a matter of time because there are so many of them to our north, but I just hope people know they make noise and they’d be around for a long, long time.

Katie Gauthier

North Branch

Supports alternative energy

It speaks well of Lapeer County if we’re going to have both solar array fields in Lapeer and wind turbines in the north.

I support alternative sources of energy other than coal and oil-based products so I think it’s great that Lapeer County is important to DTE’s new energy production plan.

Adam Murphy

Mayfield Township

Not in my backyard

It’s fine and dandy for people who want to sign leases for wind turbines and selfishly make a bunch of money, but what about the rest of us who have to look at and hear the wind turbines that will be close to us.

These monsters are 500 feet in the air. It’s pretty hard to miss them. I’d rather not see them from my backyard.

Sheila Whelan

North Branch Township

Wind turbines ‘look awful’

Great, now we’re going to get wind turbines! Has anyone been up to Sebewaing or anywhere in northern Huron and Sanilac counties? The wind turbines are everywhere and they look awful. I oppose wind turbines in Lapeer County.

Grace Jackson

Goodland Township

Make health first priority

It bothers me that there wasn’t a

public health notice put out by the City of Lapeer to warn people not to eat fish caught in the Flint River after chemicals were found in the water. Their first priority should be public health safety.

Mary Ann Clark Mayfield Township

Troubled by ‘cryptic’ messages

Is Trump going to do something in North Korea? His cryptic messages to the press about something big is a very disturbing way to run foreign policy. This is no way to talk about such a serious matter.

Rich Nagel

Imlay City

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