2017-09-13 / Police Beat

Police Beat

Police Beat is a compilation of reports from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept.

Lights in the woods

GOODLAND TWP. — A North Van Dyke Road resident told deputies Sept. 10 that they could hear talking in their woods and see the light of a cell phone. Deputies found no one.

Large fire reported

ATTICA TWP. — A North Force Road resident told deputies Sept. 10 that there was a large fire south of the railroad tracks. The Almont Township Fire Dept. found a group of kids and wanted deputies to talk to them.

Unwanted guest

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Brookshire Drive woman told deputies Sept. 10 that a man was at her home with her boyfriend and she wanted him to leave. He left when deputies arrived.

Suicidal man

LAPEER TWP. — Deputies arrested a man for drunken driving on Kings Mill Road in Mayfield Township Sept. 10 after he was reported suicidal and on his way to the state game area. The man had been released on a personal recognizance bond earlier in the day that prohibited alcohol use, so he was also charged with bond violation. His truck was impounded and he was taken to the Lapeer County Jail.

Domestic incidents

MAYFIELD TWP. — A passerby on Nottingham Drive told deputies Sept. 10 that a man and two women were yelling at each other in a driveway. Deputies found no one fighting.

• A Southwood Drive woman in Deerfield Township told deputies Sept. 7 that she got into an argument with her step-father over the television. She left for the night. No arrests were made.

Home alarm tripped

ATTICA TWP. — An alarm company told deputies Sept. 9 that a motion alarm had been tripped at a Davis Road home. Deputies found the homeowner and her child and the house was secure.

Loose cows

ELBA TWP. — An engineer told deputies Sept. 9 that six cows were loose along the railroad tracks near Elm Grove Road. Deputies found the fence went down into a ditch and the cows were behind it.

Text threats

LAPEER TWP. — A Converse Drive resident told deputies Sept. 9 that a person they met on line was texting threats to extort money.

Loose dog

NORTH BRANCH — A Saginaw Street resident told deputies Sept. 9 a neighbor’s pit bull was loose again and had another neighbor cornered. The dog’s owner told deputies the dog is friendly and they’re moving.

ORV complaint

ATTICA TWP. — A North Force Road resident told deputies Sept. 9 a bunch of kids were riding a green four-wheeler and a red and white motorcycle without helmets near the railroad tracks. They were gone when deputies arrived.

Suspicious man

NORTH BRANCH — A clerk at the Sunrise Convenience Store on Huron Street told deputies Sept. 8 that a man came into the store after sitting in his Mustang for four hours and asked if he could leave it there. The clerk said the man ducked behind the car when the police drove by.

Car burglarized

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Plum Creek Road man told deputies Sept. 8 thieves took about $20 from his car overnight.

Public urination

MAYFIELD TWP. — A passerby told deputies Sept. 8 that a bearded man in a cowboy hat, wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie was urinating along North Lapeer Road.

Shots heard

IMLAY TWP. — A Petz Road woman told deputies Sept. 8 that she heard gun shots at 7:38 p.m. Deputies said they heard nothing when they arrived.

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