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No more Konschuh • Help hurricane victims

‘Thanks’ for the assistance

I would like to thank the two gentleman who assisted me when I fell on the sidewalk in front of the Goodwill store in Lapeer this past Sunday. I tripped over my own two feet, and hit pretty hard.

They were beside me in a flash and along with my sister, made sure I was ok to get up.

Sharon Coon


Don’t care anymore!

Put me down on the side of “I don’t care anymore” about Judge Konschuh. I was done with him after Doughnut Gate, and I’m definitely done with him after he sued the county.

Alyssa Johnson

Imlay City

Disappointed in so many related to Konschuh story

Enjoyed your editorial Sunday. Truth does matter, and maybe one day we’ll know it all about the Konschuh fiasco. I’m so disappointed in so many people related to this incident.

Keith Connor

Mayfield Township

Better things to write about

What does it really matter? I’m so darn sick of reading and seeing the name “Konschuh” in the paper. There must be better things to write about than this loser.

How about the lousy roads?

Amanda Deford

Deerfield Township

Used to be nice community

Once upon a time Lapeer County was a nice, civil place to live. Not anymore, not if you read The County Press about the Konschuh lawsuits.

It’s a shame. This used to be a nice community.

Ann Marie Peters

Elba Township

Be more sensitive

Did you really have to put the article in the paper about cows being killed in a barn fire? That’s very upsetting to some people, like me. Be more sensitive to animal lovers.

Tina Baer


Help hurricane victims

Keep the people in Florida in your prayers, and give to the American Red Cross if you can afford to. They need our help now.

Rose Dodson


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