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Thoughts and prayers are with the people of Florida

I ’m feeling very sorry for those folks battling the elements down there in the Florida Keys and beyond. My daughter and her husband went to a wedding in Marco Island last week. I’m glad they are home and safe.

I worry about her friend who lives on the island. I hope she had left and is safe. Makes a person wonder sometimes if there is ever a time when we can live peacefully without thinking about that reckless man in North Korea who wants to rule the world, and is Russia looking for trouble too?

Having lived through World War II and seeing all those young boys go off to fight for us, it is a sad thought if we have to go through another. The news back then came over the radio and held the attention of most Americans every evening. It’s such a terrible time to remember.

And yet I gripe about little things going on around my house, like the wasps building nests in my yard light. Where did they fly in from? Also, I worried about my mail box about to fall over, the post having been run into and ants eating on the wood. I thank my handy, dandy son-in-law for fixing a new stand for it.

What a useless individual I have gotten to be. Thank God for daughters and sons-in-laws.

Making a trip downtown on Sunday I was surprised to see the motorcycles on Saginaw Street, while in the park were many shiny old cars on display. Seeing so many motorcycles in the Goodyear parking lot made me wonder if the Hell’s Angels had arrived.

I think it is great to see all the activities going on around town. The concerts put on by singing groups I hear are well attended and enjoyed by all.

Our Doris Club had a get together last Friday. We have one of our gals who is a beautiful singer, she said at Christmas time they will perform on the courthouse lawn singing Christmas favorites. It’s really worth a person’s time to attend.

Changing the subject a bit, I have been watching America’s Got Talent show on TV and watching a chicken play the piano was hysterical. They have a lot good talent on the show to be judged and possibly receive a bunch of money. I have my favorite which is the young gal who throws her voice to a dummy she works with. She is an absolute sweetheart to watch, even made Simon smile.

Well folks, guess I had better sign off for now. I will be watching the hurricane in Florida and will hope for better days ahead.

Best wishes to all friends and family.

Doris Burke writes “Lapeer Memories” for The County Press. She can be reached at Burke.doris@gmail.com

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