2017-08-06 / Insight

Area manufacturers produce diverse products

Huh, I had no idea they did that!

In your travels in Lapeer County you likely pass by any number of small-and-large-scale manufacturing shops and factories. In many instances, the name on the sign in the front of the building doesn’t give up much information as to what is produced behind the walls.

But what’s happening in Lapeer

County’s industrial parks or behind the walls of unassuming buildings is awe inspiring and fascinating. From the vehicles you drive to the lawnmower you operate on the weekend, to the chainsaw used to cut up storm debris — many of the parts used in the manufacture of everyday consumer products are produced right here in Lapeer County. In today’s INSIGHT, we will spotlight three such businesses and at the same time launch an ongoing series we will publish in The County Press to spotlight the people and businesses that are the backbone of our diverse local economy. Many of the products produced in Lapeer County are even exported to foreign lands and markets as the reach of local business is truly global.

If you would like us to consider your business for this series, or know of others you think we should feature email editor Jeff Hogan at jhogan@mihomepaper or call 810-452-2640.

— Jeff Hogan

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