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Keep talking about marijuana • Land fill bad news

Latest union busting proposal

Thank you, F. Vincent Vernuccio (letter in Wednesday, July 12 edition of The County Press) for informing us of the latest union busting law proposed by the GOP. As a 30 and out retired UAW member with healthcare, I’ll just suffer with my “heirloom” union.

Phil Krysinski


Protect my healthcare

As someone who has cancer, I hope the Republicans don’t get rid of the protection for pre-existing conditions because under Obamacare I received a lot of savings that I think Trump wants to take away to pay for his wall along the Mexican border. If the Republicans take away my access their “health” plan is indeed mean.

Kelly Harrison

Imlay City

Tax breaks for the rich

The only thing the Republicans want from the healthcare bill is to give more tax breaks to the rich. But instead, they will throw 22 million people, mostly poor people and senior citizens like myself, off insurance and that’s just awful.

This has little to do about providing healthcare, but rather helping insurance companies and large hospital companies that write checks for Republicans in Congress.

Frank Hindelang

Mayfield Township

Make medical marijuana ‘happen’

I was pleased to see Lapeer officials were actually going to talk about medical marijuana. I’m still afraid they’re just talking the talk, but in the end will write ordinances so restrictive it will essentially make it impossible to operate a medical marijuana business in the city.

As a medical marijuana proponent I hope this doesn’t happen. Lapeer needs to make this happen.

Rita Byrum

Elba Township

Time to provide access

There are plenty of places a medical marijuana store could open in Lapeer like over by Big Lots or they could convert the old foundry building by the tracks (on Court Street), so hopefully the Lapeer Planning Commission will do the right thing and allow business in town. It has been nine years since medical marijuana passed, so it’s time to provide the access we voted for.

Miguel Hildebrand


‘Watching and waiting’

Good for Lapeer. At least they’re talking (about medical marijuana). There are a lot of people watching and waiting for officials here to finally allow a dispensary in the city.

Joel Williams

Hadley Township

Concerned by landfill

I hope the proposed “mulch” landfill in Lapeer Township doesn’t become a regular landfill. It would be very convenient for Canadian trash haulers because Newark Aggregates is so close to I-69.

Tanya Baker


‘Nothing we need’

There goes the neighborhood. Not happy to read a company wants to mix old restaurant food with mulch so close to our house. It’s going to smell. This is nothing we need or want around here. This is really bad news.

Lee Hierman

Lapeer Township

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