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Please don’t bring city stink here

So even before their application for special land use variance is approved (by Lapeer Township Planning Commission) aerial photos show they’re already dumping compost piles without a dome or double domes or filtration or an approved variance — in the hottest months?

This whole deal stinks already. Fair warning: They better not get approval and Lapeer County better not become the compost pile of 63 other communities. We chose to live out here and commute long distances to get away from city stink, so don’t allow them to bring it here. And sorry, but after the Flint Water Crisis my confidence in the MDEQ (Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality) regarding oversight and assurances on future water quality is zero. I also wonder how many commission members and other officials will get “greased” to approve this variance, or how many of them live near it or downwind?

Investigate and publish that info and thanks for informing us we’re about to be had again.

Chris Brazis

Lapeer Township

Clipped again!

Well, here’s another dandy venture for Lapeer County — composting.

Solar panels (City of Lapeer), gravel pits and pipeline (Metamora), water plant (Columbiaville), just bring a project no one else wants — sans jobs, tax benefits, etc. — and you can “git ur done” in Lapeer.

Have you heard of any payments to the city, schools, and road commission from the solar panel project as promised?

Just drive to Columbiaville and take a gander at the monstrosity at the corner of Marathon and Stanley roads. The power lines are truly a thing of beauty. Soon, 500 acres of D-Bar-A will be strip cut for gravel mining.

Talk about high-handed, compost piles are already on site (aerial photos) and permits, etc. aren’t even completed yet! Why haven’t township officials demanded this material be removed until permits and approvals have been secured? Are the gravel mines operating now destined to become dumping grounds in the future?

Take a pencil and draw a one mile circle around the solar panels, gravel pits (include the Boy Scout Ranch), and water plant, to get a good visual of what’s happening to our gorgeous county. The reason we’re getting such projects is because no one else wants them!

Where is the revenue and jobs associated with these undertakings? Look at the market area GFL Environmental serves and try comprehending the tonnage. Now compound those numbers in conjunction with gravel trains operating a short distance south and you have a traffic, infrastructure mess. Do property owners realize they have to disclose such an operation on the seller’s disclosure statement when selling their personal residence? How do you think a potential purchaser is going to react when they get a snoot full of stench from tons of compost?

The quality of life we have today, may be nothing more than a memory tomorrow. Lapeer County needs jobs, not the projects other communities don’t want!

Mark Calvert

Dryden Township

A moving experience

I went to visit the moving Vietnam wall in Almont last weekend. This isn’t the first time I have visited a moving wall and I have also visited the wall in Washington, D.C. Always a moving experience.

At one of my visits to the moving wall, I was able to look through a book that offered a short biography and a photo, if available, of the fallen. Two names of my fellow grade school classmates are inscribed on the wall. What I found significant was that although they both served with different units and went to Vietnam at different times, they both made their ultimate sacrifice to our nation after being in Vietnam exactly 30 days.

Thirty days was a usual amount of time for a lot of troops. Thirty days to arrive and get sent to the replacement battalion. Acclimate to the heat and humidity, get used to the smell of death, decay, and diesel exhaust that permeated the air everywhere. Thirty days to receive your combat issue gear and receive transportation to your unit. If you were lucky, you got to meet your commanding officer and were able to get settled in.

It didn’t take very long before you were assembled for patrol.

And then came those words that you feared, but you knew were coming, “You’re on point kid.” For the uninitiated, the point man was the guy up front. The first guy to get shot by the enemy, if they were around.

I was in Vietnam, but nowhere near my classmates. I don’t know for sure, if that was the way my classmates’ lives ended, but I know it did for many.

Bob Rozen

Oregon Township

‘Paper did a real good job’

I would like to thank Mr. Hogan for the very pleasant conversation we had Saturday (July 8) in Almont during the visit by the Vietnam memorial wall, and then to see the pictures in the paper was very impressive.

He spoke to my husband and I for nearly 30 minutes and seemed really interested in my husband’s service during the war. We don’t normally get The County Press, but we purchased a copy at a gas station and I was real happy with it. He was sensitive and seemed to capture the mood during the visit by The Moving Wall. While it’s obviously sad because the point of the memorial is to remember those who died, but what I enjoyed was the conversations I had with other families that were there. As spouses and children of veterans we can never appreciate the horror these guys, especially the Army combat troops, saw during the war and I know my husband still has a lot of flashbacks, bad dreams and to this day loud booms startle him something awful. I thought his column was very well written, and because I met Mr. Hogan I know it really made a difference to him to see the wall and the guys who showed up.

War is an awful thing, so I wish more kids and teenagers could have seen the wall in Almont because maybe then they wouldn’t think playing war videos is so fun because in real life people die and are injured for the rest of their lives. Thank you for sending a reporter to Almont. I think the paper did a real nice job, and we’re going to keep buying the paper now. It was so good to meet someone that cares about veterans, the memory of war and the people it touched.

Lorraine Liggett

Elba Township

‘Thanks’ for articles about Master Gardener programs

The Lapeer County Master Gardener Association wants to thank The County Press for the awesome and extensive coverage of Master Gardener programs in Lapeer County in Insight last Sunday.

The articles written by reporters Phil Foley and Andrew Dietderich were thorough, accurate and very timely — lucky for us.

Our very successful Display Garden on Suncrest fundraiser, Tea Thyme in the Garden on July 9 and our upcoming Garden Tour on the July 22 provide money for our continuing work and educational endeavors.

More importantly, the Master Gardener Training Class scheduled for August in Imlay City will provide Master Gardener volunteers to continue our work in the community. The articles let the community know what we are about and hopefully tease/coax a few citizens to join us. The work is so satisfying it is worth every second.

Thank you again and visit us at the Garden.

Mary Paine


Display Garden on Suncrest

‘Chill out’ and don’t be ‘so crazy’ about litter

The lady in the paper who complained about litter after the fireworks in Lapeer is full of it. There wasn’t that much litter out there, and I know for a fact that a lot of people spend a long time out there to pick up after people. It’s a shame so many people don’t know better, don’t care or are so careless to leave behind trash.

To suggest somehow that the city and the chamber of commerce doesn’t care about trash is absurd. And because lawn guys ran over a few pieces of trash and cut them up doesn’t mean the material is automatically going to somehow end up in the ponds. Of course it’s not, so the woman needs to chill out and not be so crazy and angry at the people who take care of the property near the fireworks.

Why do environmentalists frequently come across as nut jobs? They rarely see life in the full context and are able to put things in perspective. I think she made a fool out of herself.

She’s right about one thing, people shouldn’t litter. But to go off like she did was way over the top and unnecessary. She owes the fireworks people an apology for being so rude.

Larry Timar

Oregon Township

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