2017-07-12 / Police Beat

Police Beat

Wallet found

MAYFIELD TWP. —A woman told deputies July 9 that she found a wallet on Riverview Drive the night before.

Domestic incidents

HADLEY TWP. — Deputies detained a person July 9 after a Pratt Road resident reported several people screaming and yelling at a nearby residence. They told deputies they could hear different people yelling “stop, stop” and “let go of him.” They said after things calmed down, they could hear a girl crying in the distance.

• A 17-year-old Almont Township woman told deputies July 8 that her boyfriend in Columbiaville hit her over the Fourth of July holiday, but then refused to answer questions. Almont Police contacted the woman and her mother and reported they were uncooperative.

Annoying neighbor

MAYFIELD TWP. — A Button Horn Lane man told deputies July 9 that a neighbor’s tractor was too loud. The man called back several times to say a man for working for a neighbor began doing yardwork at 7 a.m. and he works nights. The property owner told deputies they’d speak to the man working for them.

Vehicles collide

LAPEER TWP. — An 85-year-old man in a minivan and a 37-year-old woman in a pickup collided July 9 on Peppermill Road.

Home alarm tripped

IMLAY TWP. — An alarm company told deputies July 9 that a hold-up alarm had been tripped at a Cade Road home. The homeowner told deputies they had been moving appliances.

Bicycle found

LAPEER TWP. — A Baldwin Road resident told deputies July 9 that a teal Huffy girl’s bicycle was abandoned in their yard.

Dogs running loose

MAYFIELD TWP. — A passerby told deputies July 9 that they found a pair of friendly pit bulls running in the middle of Bowers Road. The dogs were gone when deputies arrived.

Abandoned car

MARATHON TWP. — Deputies impounded an Audi July 9 after residents on Hemingway Lake Road reported it had been abandoned in the middle of the road.

Suspicious car

DEERFIELD TWP. — A passerby told deputies July 8 that a car was parked at the Hillside Disciple Church. Deputies found a woman waiting to pick up her son.

‘Missing’ teen returns

OREGON TWP. — A woman told deputies July 8 that her 16-yearold son was supposed to go a friend’s house, but never made it. The teen returned home several hours later, saying he’d fallen asleep while housesitting for a friend.

Irked by loud music

ATTICA TWP. — A Bowers Road resident told deputies July 8 at 11 p.m. that the neighbors had been playing loud music since 3 p.m.

Concerned about boys

LAPEER TWP. — A passerby told deputies July 8 that two boys about 10 or 12 were walking north on South Wilder Road. They said one of the boys was carrying a backpack.

Scared dog

ELBA TWP. — An Oregon Road woman told deputies July 8 that a very timid black lab was running in the road.

Two-vehicle crash

OREGON TWP. — Following a collision between a Chevrolet Equinox and a car July 8, a 70-yearold woman told deputies her back and elbow hurt. She refused medical attention at the scene.

Awakened by alarm

IMLAY TWP. — A Church Road woman told deputies July 8 that she was awakened by a burglar alarm in her garage. Deputies found the home secure.

Home found secure

HADLEY TWP. — An alarm company told deputies July 7 that glass had broken at a Diehl Road residence. Deputies found the home secure.

Suspicious SUV

LAPEER TWP. — An East Newark Road resident told deputies July 7 that a dark blue Ford SUV had been parked at the end of their driveway for 20 minutes with a door open. Deputies found a 31-year-old Genesee County man who told them he had a flat and no way to fix it, but help was on the way. Deputies told the man police in Genesee County were looking for him on a misdemeanor warrant.

Abandoned by caretaker

MAYFIELD TWP. — A man told deputies July 7 that he found his 61-year-old father abandoned by his caretaker at his Westmoor Drive residence. He said his father, who had a stroke in November, was suffering from bed sores and was found lying in his own feces. The man was taken to McLaren Lapeer Region.

Prisoner exchange

SANILAC COUNTY — Deputies took one prisoner to the Sanilac County Jail July 7 and picked up a 31-year-old man and brought him back to the Lapeer County Jail.

Troubled teen

LAPEER TWP. — A woman told deputies July 7 that that an 18-year-old man tried to buy a gun with a fake check from her husband’s gun shop. The woman said when they refused to sell the teen a gun, he mentioned he knew their daughter, so they checked her cell phone and found what appeared to be suicidal messages. Deputies tracked the teen to Almont and asked police there to check on his welfare.

Threats made

ELBA TWP. — A Hunt Road man told deputies July 7 that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend called him and said, “I know where you live.” He said the 45-year-old Mayville man drinks every day and carries a gun in his car. Deputies told the man to get a personal protection order.

Tree down

ELBA TWP. — A passerby told deputies July 7 that a tree was blocking Cobb Road. The Lapeer County Road Commission cleared it.

Lights in yard

NORTH BRANCH TWP. — A 16-year-old girl told deputies July 6 that she was alone at her Oak Grove Road home and someone was out in the yard with a flashlight. Deputies found no one when they arrived.

Fireworks complaint

DEERFIELD TWP. — A Fish Lake Road resident told deputies July 6 that people in a white Buick headed north on the road were throwing fireworks out the window.

Domestic violence

BURNSIDE TWP. — Deputies arrested a man for domestic violence July 6 following an incident at Antonious The Motel on South Lapeer Road. The man’s girlfriend told deputies he grabbed her around the neck and pushed her down during an argument. She told deputies her boyfriend had prior domestic violence charges with her and he had locked her out of the room.

Head-on collision

MARATHON TWP. — Two cars collieded head-on on Marathon Road near Fick Road July 6. Deputies reported the northbound car left the edge of the road, over corrected and ran into the path of a southbound car. Both drivers were injured, but refused medical attention at the scene. Both vehicles had to be towed.

Hay wagon tips

ELBA TWP. — A passerby on Oregon Road east of Maple Road told deputies July 6 that a hay wagon had tipped over blocking half the road with hay. They did not see a truck. Deputies found the truck driver had gone to get help.

— Phil Foley

Police Beat is a compilation of reports from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Dept.

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