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Beautiful photo of flag •

Drug problem very real • Parade photo unnecessary

‘You made us proud’

I really liked the photo of the American flag in the paper (Sunday, July 2 edition) that the guys at DTE Energy put up for the Fourth of July. I went over to see if for myself.

Thanks, guys. You made us all proud.

Alec Kinner

Elba Township

Inspired by flag photo

Beautiful photo. We cut out the photo of the flag at the DTE Energy yard in Lapeer. As an American and a veteran it made me real happy to see. Thanks for putting it in the paper.

Anthony Wickman

Dryden Township

Love of country and flag

You (The County Press) did a great thing by taking the photo of the huge American flag. These days it seems people don’t share their love of country and flag enough. What they did at DTE was awesome and I wanted them to know we appreciated it.

Ian Gierman

Hadley Township

Drug problem not ‘fake’

This is in response to the woman that doesn’t think that there’s a drug problem in Lapeer and that it’s fake news. You should go up to the county courthouse for the juvenile hearings and you’ll find out different.

My son has been involved in drugs for the last few years and it’s cost me $30,000.

Get out in the world or go up to the courthouse. The problem is very real.

Kristine Mueller

Mayfield Township

Open eyes of people in denial about drugs

This is to Katie Jasmin-Thomas (who submitted Sound Off in the July 2 edition of The County Press). I’m glad you know of no one who’s addicted to drugs, but how dare you suggest it’s “fake news.” Don’t speak about something you know nothing about.

My daughter, 24, nearly died three months ago to an overdose. The drugs are everywhere and easy to get. I know that for a fact. We now know more about the drug problem and want to help open the eyes of people who are in denial.

Leslie Briggs

Almont Township

Drug problem is real

The drug problem is real. Those who don’t think so just don’t know the county well enough. My sister works for the EMS and she sees it all the time, like nearly every day.

Nora Caldwell

Imlay City

Living in fantasy land

“Fake news?” Really. This is what’s wrong in this country now. We can’t even agree to the facts.

The cops, courts, medical first responders and the hospital have been saying the opioid and heroin problem is an epidemic, but yet some people want to stick theirs heads in the sand and live in fantasy land where life is all beautiful and nice.

The drugs are here and they’re real, and they’re destroying lives.

Jennifer Ordonez


Disturbed by photo

There was no reason to publish the photo of the parade float (in the July 2 edition of The County Press). It was a horrible tragedy, so why do you have to remind people of it all over again? There’s no reason you need to publish pictures of any accident. It’s none of your business and it’s in extremely poor taste.

McKenna Pasek

Elba Township

‘Tweet if he wants to’

President Trump can tweet if he wants.

The reason the media doesn’t like it is because they can’t control the message. That’s why he tweets.

Nathan Eisinger

Forest Township

‘Just reporting the news’

To those who think (editor) Jeff Hogan is a mean-spirited, “vile” person don’t know Jeff Hogan.

He is one of the kindest, most upstanding men I have ever had the pleasure to know. Publishing a story about plagiarism by a school board member is not an “attack,” it’s just reporting the news.

People today can’t even agree on what is fact or fiction anymore.

Suzanne Reynolds

Mayfield Township

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