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Trump should set a better example

I had to laugh when I read the editorial (Sunday, June 18 edition) about Trump calling for unity following the shooting in Virginia at the baseball game practice between Republicans and Democrats.

While he may have had “a moment” and acted nice for a change, his regular tweets are nothing but divisive. I’m 74 years old and have never experienced a president like Donald Trump. I’m an old lady, so I don’t get the fascination with cell phones and all that stuff, but even my granddaughters say he should stop tweeting. They say he sounds “like an angry man.”

He’s our president and we want him to succeed, but he makes it hard to stay on message and do anything because he’s got the attention span of a gnat.

I entirely agree people and politicians need to be nicer to one another, but the president needs to set a better example by staying off his phone in the middle of the night and maybe read for a change.

This is a president who has told reporters he doesn’t like to read. He likes to watch TV. Probably Fox News. If he spent more time reading intelligence reports rather than tweeting he would be far more effective as a president.

Darla Zuhlke

Mayfield Township

Surprised by support of President Donald Trump

I never thought I’d see The County Press say anything nice about President Donald Trump, but you did (Sunday, June 18 editorial). I just about fell off my chair when I open the page to read the headline (“In wake of tragedy, Trump calls for unity”). I called my wife over to show her the paper.

President Trump will go down as one of the best presidents we ever had, because he doesn’t take any crap from anyone. I personally hope he does something with the military about North Korea, Syria and Iran.

Trump is great because he thinks first about the American people and American companies, and doesn’t worry if it’s going to hurt the feelings of the other countries. China and Mexico for too long, because of NAFTA and other bad trade deals, have taken our jobs and wealth and left us with low-paying service jobs.

I hope The County Press continues to wish our president well, no matter if your people voted for him or not. I’m guessing probably not. But I wanted to thank you for saying kind things about the president, because most of us voted for him and think he’s great.

You might as well join the winning team County Press, because Republicans are going to be in control for a long, long time now that Trump is our president.

Stephen Sauvola

Deerfield Township

Show ‘gun people’ respect

I don’t like the way gun owners are often portrayed in this paper by many of your readers, especially as it relates to the Lapeer Shooting Pit.

By using words like “unsophisticated” and “redneck” people who are opposed to guns are labeling us as stupid, thoughtless and lawless when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many “gun people” you meet at the pit are well educated, have good jobs or how else would they be able to afford the expensive guns they own?

The fact is, there are probably more people in Lapeer County that own and use guns than there are that don’t, so rather than call us nasty names some of your readers should get a hold of their emotions before saying something they might regret.

And we didn’t buy guns because Barack Obama was president. That makes “gun people” sound racist, but we bought guns because the Democratic Party has often tried to make it more difficult to possess guns in this country.

There are “bad apples” in everything, including gun people who may take advantage of a public facility but I would appreciate it if we weren’t all lumped together as if we’re all alike. Because we’re not.

Jason Kilbourne

Arcadia Township

No more excuses; time to lead on medical marijuana

Good for Elaine Gates (Lapeer city commissioner) who asked city officials Monday (June 19) why they haven’t done anything yet to start drafting ordinances or start talking about how they’re going to handle medical marijuana. I sure hope they didn’t “opt in” only to opt out of holding serious discussions to finally make medical marijuana a reality in this community.

I hold a medical marijuana card for my cancer treatment, and I’m tired of having to drive all the way to Genesee County in the winter to buy what should be available in every community. It’s no different than alcohol sales. You can buy a six pack nearly anywhere, because alcohol sales are heavily regulated.

So is medical marijuana. That was the whole point of the state passing laws to better define and give communities options on how they want to handle medical marijuana in their town. There’s no more excuses.

Keep up the good work, Elaine. And thanks, mayor (Bill Sprague) for also stepping up to say this subject cannot be ignored any longer in Lapeer. We elect you people to lead, so lead and do the people’s work.

John Haslett

Elba Township

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