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Recycling day best ever •

No fan of driverless cars • Fix roads before tunnel

A banner day for drop-off recycling in county

I’m in charge of the recycling program in Lapeer County and maybe some of you knew, but we just celebrated out fifth year on Saturday. In the last five years we’ve had about 24,000 cars go through. On Saturday we had 398 cars, the most ever.

It was “dollar day” and we had a lot of good promotion, and it was the best ever. I talked to a lot of people, and many said they were there because of the article they read by Joyce Bonesteel in The County Press. Thank you to all our volunteers, our board and all the people who have supported recycling since it was started.

I can’t thank The County Press enough for the support you’ve give us over the years. Thank you.

Jim Davis

Mayfield Township

An insult to intelligence

I’m going to lose my lunch if another person says medical marijuana is the “gateway drug” to heroin or cocaine. I’m 57 and use medical marijuana, and I’m astounded by the number of people who I formerly thought were smart people say I will be doing hard drugs soon.

They insult my condition and they insult my intelligence, and they look like fools. Come on people, you have to be smarter than this.

Deborah Bullock

Almont Township

Trump is off the wall

I’ve been told there’s talk about impeaching Donald Trump. Sign me up. This man is just plain crazy or so removed from the real world. I don’t know which is worse, but Trump is so off the wall I just don’t know where to start.

Every day he says or does something more ridiculous than the previous day. It would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

Lindsay Gorczyca

Lapeer Township

No fan of self-drive vehicles

I have zero interest in “driving” an autonomous vehicle. I don’t need my vehicle to drive for me, or otherwise I would call a taxi. Vehicles don’t need all this technology. Let us drive.

Dean Bennett

Imlay Township

Money down a rathole

If the City of Lapeer didn’t spend tens of thousands to put a tunnel below M-24 maybe they would have money to fix potholes. As far as I’m concerned they threw good money down a rathole.

Nora Griswold


Make streets a priority

It’s not that a pedestrian tunnel (below M-24) wasn’t a good idea, but it’s about Lapeer officials not making streets a bigger priority. We have enough parks; spend the money on streets instead.

Tina Carter


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