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Put the phone down when driving

I couldn’t agree more about what Jeff Ferguson said in the paper. (Sound Off in May 14 edition of The County Press). I agree with his message about distracted drivers.

I drive a delivery truck for a living, and you wouldn’t believe how many near misses I’ve seen because people were talking on their cell phone, or texting, putting on makeup or eating. On Saturday one of my co-workers had his truck struck when a woman on her cell phone never looked before she changed lanes and sideswiped our new panel truck.

I appreciate the crackdown on distracted drivers that police occasionally do, but they need to make this a constant part of their traffic stops.

It should be against the law to use hand-held cell phones while vehicles are in motion, because clearly there are many idiots that can’t drive and talk at the same time. The woman who struck our truck last weekend told police she was fighting with her boyfriend and “forgot where she was” when she swerved into our vehicle. Really?

Is it really a good idea to break up with someone while driving down the highway doing 70 mph? It’s dangerous and just plain stupid.

People, put down the phones and drive without distractions like a fight with a boyfriend.

Pat Dirksen

Imlay City

The end of civilization?

Medical marijuana or even recreational use of marijuana are topics I wish more people would spend some time to better understand before they speak.

For one, Michigan law allows medical marijuana so the businessman who wants to do a grow operation at the former Durakon plant has a good plan. Why not use the space and hire a few people to provide marijuana from right here in Lapeer County? The state is probably moving toward recreational use too, so why not have local facilities growing the marijuana rather than gangs in Mexico or elsewhere in Central America? It would take crime out of the matter, which is so much of the problem we see in the national news.

Marijuana should be regulated just like alcohol that people can buy at nearly every gas station in town, but it is legal and people need to stop talking about it like it will be the end of civilization.

Gretchen Matlow

Deerfield Township

Show more empathy

Mr. Willey, have to say I’m extremely disappointed in your opinion about people who use medical marijuana, and the legitimate interests of a businessman to operating a grow facility at the former Durakon Industries plant on M-24 in Mayfield Township.

I and two friends of mine use medical marijuana vapor for our health conditions, and I know we’ve purchased furniture from your store. You have a right to your opinion, but you have no right to judge people you know nothing about. Medical marijuana is legal. Get used to it, and maybe you should show more empathy to people who may be your customers.

Steve Green

Oregon Township

A prayer offered

After reading Gerry Willey’s comments regarding the opening of a marijuana grow and processing facility across from their place of business, I can only say that I offer a prayer in that direction.

I pray they never have to fight an extremely painful and debilitating illness. I pray that they never have to endure a daily pain whose effects could be abated by the use of medical marijuana.

And I guess while I’m at it, I should give some advice to any people that I might know who suffer from chronic pain and happen to use medical marijuana. They should know to stay away from Fenton Home Furnishings. It’s apparent that they don’t want your kind of riffraff around there.

Bob Rozen

Oregon Township

Mitchell and Trump are much alike

It would be good to know more about why Rep. Paul Mitchell is so afraid to hold town hall meetings. It should concern all Americans when government officials don’t want to meet with everyday people to talk about what’s on their mind.

And now our President has said he doesn’t want to hold daily press conferences with the national media. The press is an extension of the people, so when the White House starts talking about the possibility of reducing or eliminating access to reporters who are asking hard questions on our behalf we should all be concerned.

Mitchell and Trump are much alike. They want to control the message so it only reflects their opinion. So ask yourself, why are Mitchell and Trump so afraid of the truth and questions?

Rhiannon Dunn

Metamora Township

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