2017-05-07 / Insight


• Chief Todd Alexander
• Lt. Dave Frisch
• Det./Sgt. Craig Gormley
• Sgt. Charles Bonesteel
• Sgt. Jonathan Cipielewski
• Sgt. Robert Govitz
• Sgt. William Stokes, Jr.
• Patrolman Steve Hinsberger
• Patrolman Jeffrey Jones
• Patrolman Trevor Johnson
• Patrolman Alpha Wetzel
• Patrolman Brian Wenzel
• Patrolman Lawrence Taylor
• Patrolman Daniel Smith
• Patrolman Richard Schoenherr
• Patrolman Chad Morton
• Patrolman Jason Milner
• Patrolman Shawn Broecker (K-9 officer)
• Patrolman Monica Bogdan
• Patrolman Timothy Bentley

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