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High time to get over pot • Street repair good sense

Fix Lapeer streets

As someone who travels Lapeer streets all the time because I deliver pizza and subs I would agree with Mayor Bill Sprague that the city (Lapeer) needs to find some money to fix the streets. The other drivers and I are always complaining about how bad the streets are. Our cars get beat to hell on them. Please fix the streets.

Chad Bryant

Mayfield Township

Streets must be priority

Good for the mayor (of Lapeer). I don’t know how in the world the streets aren’t the No. 1 budget priority. If they don’t have the money then city officials need to ask for a realistic millage and make the case, and tell us street by street what’s going to be rebuilt because “zero” isn’t going to cut it.

Jasmin DeWitte


Keeping them honest

Great reporting on the solar panel field violations (in Lapeer, as reported in April 23 edition of The County Press). Good to know you guys are keeping up with the environmental concerns. Keep up the good work to keep them honest.

Sayge Deshetsky

Dryden Township

Great story telling

Outstanding. You’re story on Bobby Smoke at Bryan’s was outstanding. As a regular customer I’ve seen the young man many times, but never knew the long history and never knew Bobby is autistic. A real charming story, done well.

Bryce Geiger

Rich Township

‘A pleasant young man’

Just called to say how much I enjoyed the story in today’s paper (Sunday, April 23 edition) about Bobby Smoke. He’s such a pleasant young man who deserves the recognition your paper gave him today.

Well done.

Donna Abrego

North Branch Township

With love and support

Our Riley is autistic, just like the Bobby Smoke you did a story on in Sunday’s paper. I hope it prods other businesses to hire autistic employees, because Sunday’s story is proof of the joy that can be brought to someone’s life with gainful employment and love from the community.

Kelly Williamson

Imlay Township

Marijuana is illegal

What part of illegal don’t people get? The USDA and the federal government consider marijuana a Schedule 1 drug just like heroin and cocaine, so any talk of medical marijuana should end right there.

It’s illegal, no matter what the people voted for.

Lisa Kirsch

Hadley Township

End marijuana ‘hysterics’

It’s high time people end their hysterics about marijuana. I think Michigan should make recreational use legal too, just like medical marijuana. Tax it, tax it a lot. The City of Lapeer sure could use the tax revenue to fix its horrible roads.

Brady Owendale

Elba Township

Feed the munchies

As a former pot smoker myself I know it makes you hungry. Restaurant owners should be happy to see medical marijuana in downtown Lapeer because it will be good for business.

Robert Larsen


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