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Appreciate the real meaning of Easter

I appreciate your efforts to report about Easter in the newspaper, but colored eggs and marshmallow Peeps have nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I appreciate the story about Pastor John Belden at Pilgrim Presbyterian Church in Metamora because he spoke the truth and real meaning of Easter.

I appreciated his words about not wanting his church or religion to be about “entertainment.” It’s the same thing that annoys me about Christmas, because it’s less about presents and red and green-colored wrapping paper — but instead about the birth of Jesus.

It’s not necessarily a complaint against the newspaper, but rather on society that celebrates the commercialization of sacred religious days instead of what the days are really about.

Sheila Niehaus

Marathon Township

Trump prefers bluster, bombs

In October, 1962, Russian ships were sailing to Cuba, to put missiles 90 miles from the American coast. Our president told them to turn around.

For 13 days, we were on the brink of war, while President Kennedy and Russia’s Khrushchev separately debated who should give in, and at what price.

I was very young, but remember the cloud of fear that hung over everyone.

Finally, Khrushchev “blinked,” the ships went home with their cargo, and Kennedy was victorious.

But, 50 years later, we know the rest of the story, because documents sealed at that time, are now public. Quietly through back channels, Khrushchev was promised something, the removal of US missiles from Turkey and Italy, close to Russia’s border.

How many deals like this have saved us from catastrophe before?

These are the deals our Intelligence services and our State Department broker for us. These career professionals have trusted relationships with foreigners who can speak for us with their leaders. They have studied the histories of countries and know what matters to them — and what will anger them.

These agencies keep us from making serious mistakes.

Trump called our Intelligence agencies brokers of fake news. Trump’s budget severely cuts the State Department, laying off our network of knowledge about the world and our connections to back channels that have helped us in the past.

Instead, Trump is relying on Jared Kushner, a real estate mogul, and Ivanka Trump, a fashionista.

On the table right now: wars in Syria and Iraq, and the huge question of how to diplomatically handle a nuclear power, North Korea, without nuclear war.

So, to sum it up: Trump refuses to use what has kept us safe in the past. He prefers bluster, bombs and family advice.

I feel like that fearful little girl again.

Carolyn Medland

Lapeer Township

Get into an argument or two

Paul Mitchell is on a break from Congress, but disappointingly has not scheduled a district wide or local town hall. He has stated, in so many words, that he doesn’t trust his constituents to not yell at him, so he’s either really fearful or really, completely uninterested in a point of view, a story or a concern that doesn’t line up with his views.

So much for democratic representation. Mitchell is avoiding a face to face with anyone who opposes the Trump agenda, but isn’t that what being in politics requires? The complicated give and take, the gray areas? If it’s only about winners and losers then you get a winner, like United Airlines, who won the battle but lost the war.

I’m just an ordinary loser who, like many other losers, has issues with Trump’s lies and alternative facts, his use of his position to enrich himself and his family and his close association with haters and “The Russians.”

Mitchell supported the unsuccessful repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) because he’d heard from so many constituents who were harmed by it. I’ve heard multiple great reasons to keep it and improve on it. He might not be interested that I’m against the travel ban on Muslims, the deportation of Mexican immigrants, the walling off of Mexico and government intrusion into the private lives of citizens who are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves who they are and how they should conduct their lives, but I want to explain my points of view, in person.

I want him to know that I can’t abide a government that turns its back on science and toward the big money of corporations.

I’d like to see Paul Mitchell get over himself and get out here and meet with people who have opposing points of view. Get into an argument or two. It’s what the job of representative is all about.

Beth Little


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