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Signal long time coming •

Tunnel idea a sham • Thanks for breakfast

Finally, a traffic signal?

Glory, hallelujah. Front page of today’s paper (Wednesday edition) said they may consider a light at Turrill (and M-24). Finally!

Donna Hoisington

Lapeer Township

Do more than ‘study;’ install signal at M-24, Turrill

It’s about darn time. I sure hope they do more than “study” a traffic signal and put one up at M-24 and Turrill before someone else gets killed there. It’s a horrible intersection.

Quinn Wiegert

Hadley Township

Hip, hip hooray!

Yes, yes, yes! That’s what I said out loud to my husband when I read MDOT might put a traffic light back up at Turrill and M-24. They should’ve never taken it down after the road (M-24) was widened to Pratt Road.

Amelia Calabro

Lapeer Township

Scared by intersection

We’re just like the lady in the paper (Wednesday edition). We won’t let our kids use Turrill Road to get out onto M-24. I pray they listen to us. I just hate that corner. It’s scary to try to get through there at some hours of the day.

Cameron Kreiner

Elba Township

Shame on city council

Looks like the City of Lapeer is trying to finish their “tunnel to nowhere” that they made taxpayers pay for, and now they’re trying to use more state (your money and mine) grants to complete the tunnel under M-24. Shame on the city council for going along with this sham.

Dale Borsch

Oregon Township

A tunnel for the homeless

It sure would be nice if the pedestrian tunnel (under M-24 in Lapeer) was open. That way there will be more places for the homeless to sleep and get them out of the downtown churches.

Ashley Blanchard

Mayfield Township

‘Doesn’t seem right’

I always thought the tunnel was a stupid idea, and now they want more state money to pay for it. Come on Lapeer, that doesn’t seem right. Stop relying on the state to pay for your roads and the tunnel that goes nowhere.

Billie Jo Maitland

Attica Township

‘Thanks for breakfast’

I would like to thank the person who paid for our breakfast last Tuesday at Brian’s. It was very thoughtful and we really appreciated it.

Wilma Koski


Luck has changed

Regarding an article in Wednesday’s Side Roads about all the rotten luck Liz Childers has had this year, I believe her luck has changed thanks to a local used car dealer whose name you forgot I bet was Dave Knapp.

Dick Hobbs


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