2017-03-12 / Insight

Reporting that makes a DIFFERENCE

Newspapers play vital role in getting community involved in stories that matter

Today marks the beginning of Sunshine Week (March 12-18), an opportunity for readers and citizens to celebrate open government and readily accessible public information and what it means for you. Sunshine Week is a week dedicated to shining a light on the importance of freedom of information, transparency and openness in government — and the vital role that journalism plays to keep officials honest.

Your right to know is made possible through the Freedom of

Information Act and the Open Meetings Act. It’s important that citizens participate in our local government meetings and exercise your right to be informed. Readers of The County Press know they can trust us to deliver the most local news we can fit onto our pages — to be accurate, fair and thorough.

As technology and social media have allowed rumor mills to churn faster — and falsehoods to be touted as absolute fact — The County Press takes very seriously our responsibility to deliver reporting that serves as the standard by which much of what is heard through the grapevine can be dismissed or confirmed.

Better still, our newspaper is filled with stories about local people who are doing good things; the announcement of wonderful news such as births, engagements and anniversaries; local sports stories and stats readers will find nowhere else; legal advertising that lets us serve as a window to government transactions and activity that would otherwise be hidden; and advertising that lets our readers hear directly from the folks with whom they need to do business.

We do not just report on this community, we are part of it. We are your local newspaper.

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