2017-02-19 / Insight

‘Rooney’ likes to share doggie grin

Rooney the rat terrier smiles for the camera. Rooney the rat terrier smiles for the camera. LAPEER — One local family got their pooch from a pet rescue in the fall, and if the smile on his face is any indication, he’s pretty happy about it.

Jason and Jami Haarz lost one of their rat terriers suddenly to liver disease, and decided to bring another dog into their home.

“It was very tough on all of us. He was only four,” said Jami of her dog that passed away. “His dog brother wasn’t coping well but is also dog aggressive so we needed a puppy so he could still be the boss and get used to another dog in the house. Within a week, they were buddies.”

The Haarz family found the dog, which they named Rooney, on petfinder.com. He was only about eight weeks old, weighing in at two pounds. Now, at five months old, he’s a part of the family, and the Haarzes’ daughter Triniti is training him for 4-H. Not only that, but he’s begun to display his pearly whites in what can only be described as a doggie grin.

“Every night he wants some extra love and play time and this is when he smiles for us,” said Jami. “We are trying to get him to learn to do it on command.”

— Krystal Moralee

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