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Who is paying for roads • Opioid epidemic

Willing to take politicians health care coverage

Simply put, the Republicans and Trump want to repeal and replace Obamacare. So let’s just replace it with the healthcare coverage the Republicans and Democrats (in Congress) have, paid with our hard-earned tax dollars. Then every American will have the same coverage and be on equal ground. Democrats and Republicans have the best healthcare coverage, paid for by the working class. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for everyone.

Nancy Owens


How will Republicans pay for infrastructure work?

I keep hearing the governor talk about the need to invest in infrastructure. The crappy roads and crumbling sewers aren’t going to pay for themselves, but who’s going to pay for it? Some Republicans even want to roll back the income tax.

How do you suppose the Republicans are going to pay for it?

By charging us even more for car registration or to go to a state park, that’s how. They’ll ‘tax’ the working people, but give tax breaks to rich business people. It’s not fair. It never is.

Elaine Bronner

Elba Township

It’s not about the money!

The governor wants to give more money to public schools in his new (2018) budget. But it’s not about more money, it’s about fixing a broken way of teaching to our children that we keep throwing money at and yet nothing changes. Look what they’re doing in Canada, Ireland or even Japan where I’ve studied. It’s radically different and the kids learn.

Richard Ford

Dryden Township

Doctors, dentists are part of the opioid epidemic problem

The opioid epidemic is real, people! My son nearly died from an overdose last summer. I never understood the problem until we nearly lost our boy. He took drugs from my husband and uncle who stayed with us for a while. This sort of thing can happen to anyone. I think the doctors and dentists have to stop giving out such huge prescriptions when people only need pain medicine for a few days. They’re part of the problem.

Mary Anne Daniels

Imlay City

What’s driving drug use?

The schools need to hold assemblies at the middle school level to start talking about what happens when people get hooked on drugs like prescription medicine and heroin. But the bigger issue is to address the question of why on earth are so many people using these awful drugs?

Jeff Landosky

Mayfield Township

Fix the pain, end epidemic

The drug problem is caused when people lose faith and trust that they can change their lives. That starts from within their hearts and souls. People are using drugs to escape pain in their lives. We have to figure out why so many people seem to feel like they’re falling behind.

Sylvia Jenkins


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