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Support in our community

Support groups offer help to Lapeer County residents
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One doesn’t have to go far in Lapeer County to find people and organizations whose only mission is enhance the quality of life of all residents in our community.

They meet for the purpose to bring comfort, expertise and a friendly shoulder to lean on when times are tough and one needs to be around others who can empathize with their situation.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of support groups that meet regularly to help people cope with difficulties in their lives— whether they’re related to substance or alcohol abuse, domestic violence to issues related to parenting, foster children and grief following the loss of a loved one, spouse or other relationships.

Peer support is an essential part of getting well and staying well for many people. By finding and joining a support group that meets your needs, you can expand your circle of support and have a safe place where you can talk with others about your hopes, your dreams, your trials — all of your life.

You might locate a group by calling your local mental health center or community help line. Your physician or counselor might be able to direct you to a group. Ask your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues for help in locating groups.

The next step is the hardest — going the first time. Everyone has a hard time going to a support group the first time. Sometimes, it’s hard to make yourself go, even if you enjoy the group and have been attending for some time.

If you are going to attend a support group and connect with the other people in the group, you must feel safe there. Many groups address this by having a set of guidelines or rules for the group, sometimes called a safety contract.

Today we offer greater Insight into the degree of help available through local support groups found in Lapeer County.

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