2017-01-01 / Insight

CPL debate in schools impacts Lapeer County

LAPEER — In May, local mom Elizabeth Gillim ruffled a few feathers and made headlines after she started carrying her handgun while volunteering at her daughter’s school within the Lapeer Community Schools district.

A concealed pistol license holder, Gillim said her daughter came home from school upset about lockdown drills that were being held at the school. That prompted her to think about the lack of security options in place for the students, and she decided to openly carry her gun when she was at the school — CPL holders are permitted to carry in schools, but must not conceal their weapons. That didn’t sit well with some parents, and it opened the doors for discussion about school security with district officials. It was, Superintendent Matt Wandrie said, “a good dialogue our county needs to have.”

“I am doing this because I believe it is my responsibility to do what I can with what I have,” Gillim said. “I can’t solve all the world’s problems, but for the time I am with those children, I know I’ve done all that I can to protect them.”

— Krystal Moralee

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