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Washington to Baldwin: Gridlock ahead

Fix the crossing right

I’m just wondering why the railroad has never fixed the railroad crossing at Lake Nepessing Road. I’d like to know why they don’t put in the metal grading in like they did on M-24 and other places and do it right?

They’ve fixed it several times, but every time it’s bumpy again in a few months. All they’re going to do is repave it. They say it will last 10 years but it never does.

Kim Kline

Elba Township

RR work is ‘ridiculous’

The work on the railroad crossing at Lake Nepessing Road is ridiculous. They do this every few years it seems and it always goes to crap again. It must be job security for CN Railroad guys to do a lousy job because they’re right back out there. It’s just like our roads, they don’t build them to last.

Jeff Norbert

Oregon Township

‘Hope you’re happy’

Shame on The County Press for not supporting a vital millage for the EMS. You support an out-ofcounty agency over a local one, probably because they advertise with you. It’s real apparent to us supporters of Lapeer County EMS what’s going on there.

You may have contributed to the end of Lapeer County EMS. I hope you’re happy.

Valerie Stephens

Marathon Township

Many people hurt

Your paper lost any credibility with me and my family. We have friends who work for Lapeer County EMS and they’re worried about the election, and then to see the paper throw them under the bus for Medstar was a disgrace. You have hurt many good people by your words and your actions.

Nora Kovac

Mayfield Township

Picked a good man

Scott McKenna picked a good man to be his undersheriff. Jeremy Howe has a deep love for this community and law enforcement and he will make the department proud. Good pick McKenna.

Jason Bentley Imlay City

Say ‘no’ to developer

I don’t see how the city (Lapeer) can allow even more traffic to come to the area at Baldwin and M-24. They need to say “No” to the developer and tell them to pick one of the restaurants (Qdoba or Tropical Smoothie), because they can’t both fit there. If they do allow it they don’t care about public safety.

Anissa Sanders

Elba Township

More gridlock ahead

No matter who people elect, either Trump or Clinton, there will be just as much gridlock in the Congress. Some Republicans have said if Clinton is elected they’re going to launch investigations into her e-mail and drag this on forever. So I’m voting Green Party, because at least my candidate isn’t corrupt like both Clinton and Trump are.

Nicole Reynolds

Dryden Township

Stop the injustice!

Liam Sharkey hit the bullseye with her letter, “Unjust and Unacceptable” in Sunday’s County Press. Teachers deserve so much more. They are always called upon to sacrifice while others get raises. Stop the injustice.

Kathy Jacksy


‘It doesn’t make sense’

Why should Matt Wandrie get a raise? It’s like the CEO of a company that’s laying off employees to save money and he still gets a raise. It’s just as offensive as a superintendent getting a raise when the bottom is falling out. It doesn’t make sense.

The Lapeer school district continues to lose students every year. Is that a success? Why would be the superintendent of a district that is consolidating because it’s losing students get a raise?

Joy Schmidt

Oregon Township

Barbaric treatment of Native- Americans

Amid the chaos of elections something important is being ignored. There’s a gross violation of human rights at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota happening to the peaceful protests of the Sioux Indian tribe to save their water and alleged treaty rights. Local authorities are using dogs, horses, guns and tanks against these young people. This is barbaric. Where is the voice of average people like you and me against these atrocities?

D. Rolland

Mayfield Township

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