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‘One of the first ones to help’

Jacquelynn Kent has taught 22 years at Imlay City
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Jacquelynn Kent grew up in Imlay City and came back to teach there. She said she’s “always been drawn to helping other people.” 
Photo by Phil Foley Jacquelynn Kent grew up in Imlay City and came back to teach there. She said she’s “always been drawn to helping other people.” Photo by Phil Foley IMLAY CITY — Stu Cameron is the director of curriculum at Imlay City Community Schools, but when he was a new teacher, fresh out of college, Jacquelynn Kent was his mentor.

Kent, an Imlay City High School alumna, has taught science for Imlay City Community Schools for 22 years. She’s currently the science department chair at Imlay City Middle School.

“She volunteers for every program we have,” Pat Brown, the middle school principal said.

Kent credited her work ethic to growing up on a dairy farm outside Imlay City and her desire to go to college to thawing freezing pipes with a blow torch.

She said Jerry Bolart, an agriculture teacher at Imlay City High School, ignited her desire to become a teacher. “He made learning enjoyable,” she recalled.

Kent said she was always drawn to helping people and “found I enjoyed watching good teachers when I was a kid.”

Of her seven siblings three went into teaching.

Kent earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan – Flint and her masters from Marygrove College. She also has a Plus-30, which is almost a second master’s degree.

One of the things she likes about teaching, Kent said, is “Every year you start fresh.” She likes middle school because the students are “not quite ready to give up on imagination, but they’re ready to handle abstract concepts.”

Cameron said when he first saw Kent teaching he knew that was the model he wanted to follow. “She’s a really good teacher,” he said.

Kent said she enjoys seeing students “come in raw and watch them learn and leave understanding concepts through the year.”

Brown said Kent is “one of the first ones to help” whenever there’s something that needs to get done in the school.

“She’s not just about teaching and learning,” Brown said, “she’s about making sure her students have all their basic needs fulfilled on a daily basis.”

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