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Lucky lady wins Ace of Hearts jackpot; game starts fresh tomorrow at Louie’s

BY JACOB HUNSANGER 810-452-2609 • jhunsanger@mihomepaper.com

LAPEER — John O’Donald of Lapeer had to wake up his wife, Carol, on Monday night to tell her some really good news — that she had just won the $7,800 jackpot in the Lapeer Elks’ Ace of Hearts game.

While the O’Donalds were not at Louie’s Sports Tavern on Monday night, where the game is held each week, their ticket was the lucky one drawn and their luck improved when the card chosen for them turned out to be the sought-after ace of hearts. The Elks immediately called Carol to let her know she had won, and soon she will be presented with a check for her $7,800 winnings.

Carol O’Donald and her husband, John, weren’t the only ones celebrating, however. The Lapeer Elks’ who sponsor the game every Monday night were just as happy to see the money go to a lucky and worthy winner, and to see 30 percent of the ticket sales go back towards the Elks’ Lodge. That’s around $3,000, plus all the other money the game has raised for the Elks in the past year, which amounts to tens of thousands of dollars.

That money isn’t staying in the Elks’ Lodge, however, member Lloyd Weatherwax said. Calling the Ace of Hearts game a “life saver” for the lodge, the proceeds from the game since they started it last year have totaled tens of thousands of dollars, and all of that money is helping the Lapeer Elks do more and more for the community.

The ace of hearts card may have been found and the jackpot paid out, but that doesn’t mean the fun or the chance to win is over.

Hearts game are sold at the Elks’ Lodge in downtown Lapeer and at Louie’s Sports Tavern until 8 p.m. on Monday. At 8:30 p.m. each Monday, one ticket is drawn and that ticket holder has a chance to pick from a deck of cards. If the ace of hearts is found, that winner walks away with 70 percent of the total ticket sales so far.

For more information, call Louie’s Sports Tavern at 810-667-1500 or the Lapeer Elks Lodge at 810-664-3216.

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