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“Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.”

Hate and racism alive and well in USA

Here in 2013 hate and racism raises its ugly head, not in some small insignificant little township in the south but in the grandest stage of all, Washington, D.C. The 1964 Civil Rights Act passed in the Congress to eliminate discrimination and hatred and make everyone equal under the law still fails its intended purpose after 49 years.

The Republican Party along with the tea party have shown their disrespect, racial prejudice and hatred toward President Obama from the moment he was elected to the office of president of the United States. Why? There is only one reason why, because he is black!

These white racist leaders of their parties are a disgrace to all those they claim to represent. They continually lie and deceive the public about their hatred for a “Black President” all the while hiding behind their claims of loving God and country. What a disgrace.

I am 63 years old, white and raised and lived in Lapeer my entire life. I cannot stand quietly aside while these racists hide behind their supposed policies, political agendas and public personas. Their actions have led our country to the brink of financial disaster and may possibly plunge us into another deep recession. Please, for the true love of God and country stop the hatred and racism and lead like leaders that truly care.

Dennis Seiler

Oregon Township

Keep control of schools local

There are a lot of people and legislators that are encouraging us parents to agree to our state continuing with the Common Core curriculum. Their basis for this appears to be “Independent Standards” that all of our schools and teachers can be compared to, and the need to give our youth the best education possible.

I think most parents and citizens want high educational standards to be set for our schools. What I don’t think we want is to give our federal government the control over all of our schools’ educational curriculum. Do we really want a “one size fits all” education system that is controlled by a quasi-federal government group, that is not elected, doesn’t report to any parents anywhere, and has their own special interests that they are promoting? I don’t think so!

The control of our schools needs to stay a local and state effort.

I have heard the argument that the Common Core standards do not determine curriculum, but can that really be plausible? If someone sets the standards that you will be tested to, won’t you build your curriculum around those standards? And in fact, advocates for Common Core are already using the argument that to change from the Common Core will cost significant money because of the curriculumbased books and material already purchased. Common Core Standards do drive the curriculum.

Do we really want to have our federal government controlling what is taught to 100 percent of our youth?

No, we really need local control over the education of our youth. It is not an easy task, but we have thousands of professionals that are working to improve our educational techniques and systems every day.

Let’s say NO to a federal government driven, one size fits all, education system. Say no to Common Core. Please call our state senators and representatives and voice your opposition to Common Core.

Roger L. Harris

Oregon Township

Good memories of Lapeer

Recently, Lapeer Community Theatre performed the play Michigan Chillers, the Musical, based on my book series. When Chris and Sally Eilersen approached me two years ago with an idea to bring my books to life on the stage, I immediately agreed. I had no idea that the musical would have such a profound impact on my life.

I’m not sure if I can truly express how honored I am that my books were chosen for this play, and performed by such an incredibly talented group of people. I met many new friends in your community. Everywhere I went, I was welcomed like a family member.

The energy from the cast and crews was contagious, and the laughter, applause, and smiles in the audience are things I’ll never forget. Thanks to everyone involved: the sponsors, the PIX Theatre and those who supported the musical in any way.

Lapeer will always have a special place in my heart, and I look forward to my next visit.

Johnathan Rand

Indian River

NB Library needs our help

The residents of Deerfield, Rich and Arcadia Townships need to know that the Lapeer District Library will be taking local millage money from the North Branch Library. When the LDL was formed a significant number of library patrons in those townships were patrons of the North Branch Library. However, Lapeer needed those townships. In order to honor the needs of residents but still proceed with formation, the LDL agreed to provide North Branch Township with millage, penal fine and state aid payments in the same percentage (66.7 percent of the district library millage collected in Deerfield, 52.78 percent in Rich and 31.96 percent in Arcadia) so it could continue to provide service to the Township patrons.

Realize that 53.92 percent of Deerfield library patrons, 31.96 percent of Arcadia patrons and 65.27 percent of Rich patrons use the North Branch Library. LDL terminated its reciprocal borrowing agreement with North Branch in the spring. We will lose our tax dollars after December if we do not act now. LDL is having financial problems and is being heavy handed and wants 75 percent of the millage money. The North Branch Library Board and Township Supervisors have tried to talk to the LDL Board, but they are unwilling to consider our needs.

Think about what this will cost you: I may take more gasoline to drive to Lapeer’s library. If you are elderly or handicapped and don’t like winter driving you may not get to the library as often. North Branch students could lose library privileges or the library would be inadequately funded to provide services in the schools. If you wish to continue using the North Branch Library but live outside North Branch Township you may have to pay extra fees to use the library.

Please contact the Lapeer District Library Board c/o the deAngeli Library and ask them to pay the North Branch Library a fair share of the millage and honor the longstanding, mutually beneficial arrangement.

Anita Harrand

North Branch

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