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Anti-tax stand?

What ever happened to the anti-tax stand of the Lapeer County Tea Party? I was so sure they were against raising taxes. I thought this was one of their major beliefs, principles and what they stood for.

However, there have been no letters to the editor, no courthouse speeches or gatherings to oppose the new state tax on the pensions of older residents or senior citizens of the county. The only conclusion someone can draw is that the Tea Party members must favor this new tax on seniors and older people or they would have spoken out against it.

It is also very surprising to see that the Tea Party has not spoken against the state income tax being increased from 3.9 percent to 4.25 percent. Again where were the letters to the editor, where were the courthouse speeches and gatherings against this tax increase? Once again, the only conclusion someone can make is that if the local Tea Party is not against the tax increase they must be for it or they would have spoken against it.

The last surprise is their apparent support for doing away with Proposal A or the 1994 state-wide vote to greatly lower the property taxes in exchange for a two cents increase in the sales tax. This vote also had the state legislature’s commitment and promise to dedicate specific taxes for the funding of public schools. It is hard to understand how the county Tea Party can go against a state-wide vote of the people. Why didn’t they speak out against this change? Again, their silence must mean they favor doing away with Proposal A and what the people voted to have.

In summary who can you trust? We know we can’t trust our politicians whether local or statewide. They are run by their political parties and only pretend to be for the needs of the local citizens. It was thought by many that the Tea Party was a little different. But it appears they are basically just like any other political group. They say one thing but do something different once they have some political power.

Who would have thought the local Tea Party would favor raising state taxes and would not speak out against increased taxation? Some thing just never change!

LeRoy Mabery
Lapeer Township

Suncrest memories

Usually we view a cool, misty morning with distaste and stay indoors. On Friday, May 27 there was no sunshine, yet these wonderful people looked forward to a day that could be filled with warm friendly exchanges. They worked to share their farm animals with the residents and children of Suncrest.

Most of these people are farmers; this spring the prospect of successfully planting crops and harvesting cash crops diminishes with each cool rainy day, while farm operating expenses grow. For these farm families, community service is very important — they choose to transport their animals to Lapeer County Medical Care Facility and share their gentle animals with the residents who would probably not have as many opportunities to see and touch farm animals and with the young children during our Springtime On The Farm event.

As the farm families moved their animals into their display areas around the pavilion’s outer walls, one farm lady voiced what we were all thinking, “Is it too cold?” “Will the residents come out to see the animals?” She was anticipating a disappointing turnout.

First to arrive were the children. They were so excited to see so many animals, and animals down low for the children to see and touch (eyes reflecting interest and wonder).

Then the curious residents started wheeling up the sidewalk and entering the pavilion, one person after another — some people with support staff and some people on their own.

We would like to thank all of the residents and the supportive staff of our Lapeer County Medical Care Facility for coming out to the pavilion on Friday — they completed the circle of friendship with the farm families and their gentle animals. The residents were gracious and were interested in the farm animals and the farm families, asking questions and sharing some of their memories. Because the day was cool the LCMCF staff took extra care to keep their residents warm, occasionally helping with introductions and at times pointing out open display areas. Due to the staff’s interest and support our Springtime On The Farm event was a success.

We would like to thank Laurie Yonkowski for sharing the Yonkowski family’s two friendly goats Fiona and Windy, four large cages filled with colorful chickens, a box of fluffy baby chicks, two long tables displaying different types of eggs, animal food, mini Rex rabbits, a basket of baby bunnies and her duck on a leash, Quackers. Laurie enlisted her friends Carol, Sarah and Samantha Pontbriand to help transport the animals, set up the displays and share her family’s animals with the residents and children.

We want to thank Karen Ormiston and her grandson Ryan Ormiston for sharing her two miniature horses, Precious and Nugget, with the residents and children. Karen’s horses like to do tricks for Karen and have their coats brushed by everyone.

Many thanks to these Ankley family members: Parents Bill and Virginia; children Phillip, Willie, Mary and Joe for bringing Holstein calves Minnie and Nicky, a friendly puppy named Rosie, two 4-H lambs PJ and Wooly and five downy gray goslings.

Thank you Jennifer and Tiffany Cronin for assisting the Ankley and Listwak families.

We would also like to thank these Tanis family members: Mallory, Meri, Riley and Miranda for sharing two tiny Jacob lambs, Rillan and Caspian, and G.G., a mini pony. Many thanks to Stephen Listwak and his daughter Mary Listwak for bringing an orphaned black Angus heifer calf named Lucky, a baby goat named Tillie and colorful Rex rabbits Buda, Snowball and Spot.

Cheerful thanks to retirees Joyce Chapel and Mary Paine for helping to set up the pavilion, working through the event and for helping the farm families clean up the pavilion and set everything back in its place after their farm animals had been loaded on to the stock trailers. We want to thank Ron Klocek and Carl Kern for helping to compost the straw and clean up the pavilion at the end of our Springtime On The Farm event.

We would also like to thank the parents and teachers who brought the young children to the pavilion just to see and touch the farm animals — the children’s sense of delight and lively curiosity is so much fun to be a part of.

Regina Thomas

North Branch

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