2009-10-28 / Opinion

To heck with political correctness

America is facing collapse. The end of the great freedom experiment is in the bombsights of disaster right now, and there may not be enough time left to stop it.

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, so my comments aren’t political, but our current administration is allowing our ship to roar headlong down the Niagara River without anyone bothering to stand up front and see if there may be a waterfall around the next bend.

At a time when we are under attack from both Islamic infiltration to take over our country and financial collapse due to stupidity, greed and short-sightedness, our current administration has twiddled away many months and countless hours literally trying to foist a Band-Aid health insurance down the throats of 100 million people who don’t want it.

All this while an enlightened religious fanatic in Colorado, counseled in religious love overseas, was figuring out how to set off a bomb in a stadium big enough to kill thousands of Americans. Nero fiddled while Rome burned: It’s an old story. But we’ll all have Band-Aids when it’s over, I guess.

If you don’t think we’re under attack from Islam, ask yourself this question. Keep in mind the enormous cost to America to fighting these people overseas right now. Who is financing the huge cost of the other side? When you finally realize it’s the entire Islamic nation, you’ll see what we’re up against.

We don’t have the money to give health insurance to everyone. It’s as simple as that, yet the Obama Administration continues to borrow billions of dollars from China in order to pacify, for instance, Social Security recipients (like myself) with some sort of stupid $250 payoff in lieu of no cost-of-living increase. Who’s paying for this? And doesn’t staring down the barrel of a gun take precedence over cost-of-living increases?

When your car goes out of control and goes spinning down the road, that’s not the time to ask for another spoonful of sugar in your latte. Instead, you throw the latte on the floor and grab the wheel with both hands if you want to stay alive. The same is true of America and benefits today.

When a mountain lion comes charging at you on the backwoods trail, that’s not the time to either try to negotiate with it or think about building up your portfolio. Instead, you throw everything you’ve got at it, including your entire portfolio plus the nickels and dimes in your pocket, if you ever want to see the light of day again. The same is true of America and the war it is fighting right now. Stop dinking around and get on with it.

After conversations with several of our top military generals, I heard the same conclusion to ending this war quickly — tell Washington to get out of the way and let the generals take care of business. The generals know what needs to be done and how to do it. The politicians back home don’t.

I was told from several different sources that, if our military was simply turned loose to do it, within weeks our enemies would be begging for mercy. Washington, let them go. Don’t try to tell the guys who know what they’re doing how to do it.

When the Roman army came to town 2,000 years ago, they didn’t send back to Rome for orders. They knew what to do, and so do our military people today. Forget the political correctness. This solution would not only end the war but would save untold American lives and untold borrowed money from China.

Mr. Obama, you are not a warrior: They are.

Somebody has got to stop the Obama bunch from doing their nails while the snake crawls up behind them. All Nancy Pelosi is capable of doing is grinning, jumping and clapping. Who cares if there’s benefits for illegal aliens when we don’t have the money for bullets to put into the rifles of our soldiers overseas. What’s someone like her doing making policies that affect our futures, our existence, and our very lives?

I suggest that all Americans start rigorously demonstrating to Washington that we don’t like the path they’ve chosen, and to either change course now or get out of town. We have the power to stop them, but it takes going right into their faces.

Bob Milne


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